Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Saudi Child in a Sexual Abuse Video Without Consent

A Saudi Arabian man is in shock as he found his 9-year old daughter starring in a PSA about sexual abuse without his consent.

Staff Writer

A Saudi Arabian Father is raising all sorts of hell after finding out that his 9-year old daughter was used to act in a film against sexual abuse without his consent.

The understandably irate father complaint is currently under consideration at the Saudi Arabia Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution. Initially reported by the Al-Watan on Monday, the married man was shocked to find his little girl appearing in a video about sexual abuse without his verbal or written consent

Allegedly sources close to the family believe that a relative took his daughter Farah to the film production company and forced her to appear in the film that was aimed at increasing public awareness about the prevalence of sexual abuse in the Kingdom. The unnamed father tells Al-Watan that “They exploited my daughter to act out scenes that were not suitable for her age.” The father goes as far as alleging that the production company forced his young daughter to take off her clothes.

It is unclear if his wife knew about the shoot as he alleges the video has cause a rift between him, his children, and his wife. If there was no permission from either parent, then one expect the family to be united against the production company and not divided.

As it stands the father has presented all the evidence again the company to the Ministry of Culture and Information and the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR). If the production company is found guilty they could be punished for human trafficking as well as a gross violation of the rights of the father with fines and imprisonment.