Sunday December 10th, 2023
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School's Out? Egypt Fails Education Test

A new study ranks Egypt's primary education the worst in the world.

Staff Writer

Egyptian kids receive the worst education on the planet, according to a new study. The latest World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report has ranked Egypt bottom for the quality of primary education. Meanwhile the study also found that the overall local economy slipped to 118th compared to 94th place before the 2011 revolution.

The report blamed the results on political transformation, lack of security, and political tensions.  And there was also bad news for Egyptian institutions, which ranked 117th in the global poll.

Egypt placed 100th with regards to health, and occupied the 118th rank in higher education and training, 146th in labor market efficiency, 119th in financial market sophistication, 100th in technological readiness... but 29th in terms of market size size.

Egyptian domestic product totals US$256.7 billion and the Egyptian economy contributes 0.65 percent to the world economy according to the report.