Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Shiite Murders: Update

Arrest warrants for 15 people accused of the tragic murders of four Shiite Egyptians have been issued, while the Shiite community are preparing for a press conference.

Staff Writer

The government has issued 15 arrest warrants for those accused of killing four Shiites in Giza last Sunday and there is speculation that eight people have already been arrested. The funeral for those killed took place at Al-Sayeda Nafisa Mosque in Cairo on Monday.

Immediately after the mob killing, an outpouring of anger from across the political and religious spectrum was heard. The Egyptian government was forced to take quick action to quell fear of a rise in sectarian violence. The President’s office released and a statement claiming that the “death of Egyptian citizens” contradicts with the “spirit of tolerance and respect of the Egyptian people.” Following up on the statement, PM Hisham Qandil said of the incident that it also contradicts “religious doctrines.”

Behaa Anwar, spokesperson of Egypt’s Shiite community, claims that Egyptian Shiite leaders are planning to hold a press conference about the murders on Wednesday.

Speculation is that Egypt’s ultra-conservative Salafists are responsible for fuelling the anti-Shiite sentiment which led to the attack. Further updates will be forthcoming as the investigation continues on this despicably tragic event.