Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Six Egyptian Soldiers Die in Helicopter Crash

The Minister of Defense has ordered an investigation after a military aircraft crash-landed in Kom Oshim Military Airport at Fayoum.

Staff Writer

Six hero soldiers have died and one was injured following a helicopter accident in Fayoum. A military spokesperson comfirmed that the reconnaissance aircraft crashed in Kom Oshim Military Airport as a result of a ‘technical failure.’ The Minister of Defense has ordered an immediate investigation into the incident though they are yet to release the names of the dead.

The incident comes just months after another  military helicopter crashed in Sinai killing six. While the military had initially blamed the crash on a technical failure, it was later revealed that militants had fired a surface-air missile that brought the helicopter down.

The news comes just hours after two police officers were killed in a blast outside Cairo's Foreign Ministry.