Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Social Media Day in Egypt Launches at the GrEEK Campus on July 8th and It's the Biggest Yet

It's set to bring together regional digital media professionals, social media enthusiasts, and business owners in the rapidly-growing social media industry across the region.

Staff Writer

June 30th, 2010 witnessed the birth of the global Social Media Day Mashable. Three years later, for the first time, the event made its way to the heart of our capital, announcing the launch of the annual Mashable Social Media Day Egypt, which has seen dramatic growth of scope, vision, and reach over the years. Now, this year's much anticipated annual summit - commencing on July 8th for three days in Cairo's buzzing entrepreneurial hub, the GrEEK Campus - is set to be one of its biggest and most influential events to date, organised by Oventure for Event Planning and Management.

With a solid vision bringing together all the digital media professionals, social media enthusiasts, and business owners in the rapidly-growing industry across the region, Mashable Social Media Day Egypt strives to provide learning platforms where attendees can accumulate vast knowledge and hands-on experience no matter what career level they stand at.

With the harsh business environment and economic transition over the past few years, Mashable Social Media Day Egypt's vision centres around developing individual skills and provide better access to the trends and insider knowledge of the industry. Juniors, seniors, experts, and CEOs all have a place in the three-day event, with several keynote speakers taking the stage to present the essence of their knowledge and expertise as they discuss and debate current social media campaigns and analyse them from every aspect.

In order to focus each attendees' experience on their individual learning needs, Mashable Social Media Day Egypt will be featuring four main tracks running simultaneously. The first is 'Digital Technology', which takes us into the future of the industry through specialised focus on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and other technological innovations reshaping the world of social media. 'Creative and Content' is the second track, in which some of the most creative minds in the field will be talking creative campaigning, production, and the art of graphics. The numbers and methodologies of the industry will be the focus of the third track, 'Social Media Science', where analytics, digital media marketing, and content distribution will be put under the magnifying glass through a series of workshops and case studies, including the latest Pepsi Ramadan Digital Campaign, among others. Entrepreneurs and magic makers are going to wow the crowd at the 'Business Innovation' track with talks on e-commerce and how to launch successful businesses with the help of social media and technology in the futuristic world of today.

As for the prominent keynote speakers, attendees will gather around the summit's main track to listen to and debate with some of the world's most successful social media experts from international and regional figures like Quintly's founder and CEO Alexander Peiniger, Facebook's Head of Regional Marketing Mark Hamilton, Facebook's Global Cross-Border Marketing Manager Kara Mjones, Social Bakers MEA Director Christian Beshara, and IBM Watson portfolio marketing manager Heba Sayed, among other influential speakers.

In the spirit of fierce (yet honest) competition, leading social media agencies will be showcasing their success stories and achievements in the exhibitions held throughout the three days, with different artistic performances set to take place and keep everyone well entertained. The acts will start with vlogger Hesham Afify and standup comedian Alaa El Sheikh taking on the fun task of entertaining on the event's first day.

"We are thrilled to be hosting Mashable Social Media Day for the 4th time in Egypt. We believe in the huge role that technology plays in connecting people and in developing organisations and industries,” Zeyad Tarek Co-founder/Marketing manager of Social Media Day Egypt says. “This event represents a platform that connects all individual expertise in social and digital media industry together and, with the region’s greatest digital minds all in one place at the same time, the event will be a valuable opportunity for learning, networking, and recruitment,” Donia Helaly, Co-founder/Business relations Manager of Social Media Day Egypt, adds.

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