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Swedish Pilot Suspected of Espionage Leaves Egypt

After two high-definition cameras were found on a Swedish private jet, the pilot was interrogated but let go when the footage was reviewed.

A Swedish pilot has been allowed to leave the Cairo International Airport after being held in interrogation for questioning, after Egyptian security discovered that he was in possession of high-quality cameras, according to a security source. At dawn on Thursday, a pilot of a private Swedish jet, Stig Magnus, 39, had asked to make an emergency landing in Cairo due to navigational problems, according to a security source. After the plane landed, authorities discovered high-resolution cameras on the right wing and tail of the plane. The plane was then grounded pending an investigation, and afterwards the footage was viewed which turned out to be footage documenting the pilot's journey from Greece to Sudan. The pilot elaborated saying that he's a new pilot and was using the footage to collect aerial footage of his journey. Two cameras were found on the body; one near the wing and the second near the back tail.Tthe espionage suspected pilot was later allowed to leave, after a long interrogation.