Monday June 24th, 2024
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Tabarak Developments Just Turned this New Cairo Compound into a Real Life Sims

You’ve probably imagined bringing your Sims avatar into real life with its house and the entire city you built for it. But Tabarak Developments have just done that for you with their new 90 Avenue compound.

Staff Writer

Tabarak Developments Just Turned this New Cairo Compound into a Real Life Sims

Recently, we came across the plans for the latest compound by Tabarak Developments in New Cairo. And like you, the idea of a new compound does not interest us very much. We’ve pretty much given up hope on the idea of living in peace and just accepted the fact that we’ll forever be waken up at 5 am to the dreadful sound of honking vehicles.

But nonetheless, we looked into the compound and concluded that the fresh 90 Avenue development is the epitome of a real life version of the Sims game. Seriously. Real. Life. Sims. As in, the whole place was probably designed and inspired by the game.

Cleverly located close to the cultural hub of New Cairo, between Future University and the American University in Cairo (because that’s the financially viable thing to do when you’re playing Sims), 90 Avenue is within walking distance to Dunkin’ Donuts on Tes'een Street. Did you think we were going to say schools, sporting clubs and shopping malls? Well, they are actually all within walking distance to 90 Avenue, but having convenient access to Dunkin’ Donuts is obviously more important, so thank you, Tabarak Developments, for that one.

The compound is divided into three zones; Family, Vibe, and Serenity – which all look like they’re straight out of Sahel as well by the way. Fully equipped with international standard CCTV for safety, the Family Zone is also fixed with state-of-the art playgrounds, parks, an amphitheatre, a splash pad/pads and a pool restaurant; all designed to promote family gatherings. So the kids can basically visit a theme park any day of the week. Sort of.

The Vibe Zone is more upbeat and gorgeously lit with garden lights, making it the perfect hangout spot. Floating palm shading, lounger decks, lake pools and a BBQ area… We’re not really sure if this compound is still in Cairo!The Serenity Zone has reading pads/pods, Spring-inspired gardens and waterways, probably to balance out the playfulness of the other two zones, but also because every Sim avatar (the Egyptian people) needs a peaceful rest every now and then.Because this is real life and actually (sadly) not Sims, Tabarak Developments has focused heavily on encouraging the use of green energy to power the compound. The houses themselves have been fitted with Smart Home technology balancing the interior lighting with the outside through using double-glazed windows. And if that's not green enough for you, Energy Star appliances are a key installation in every household as well. The compound also features electric car charging stations, bicycle paths and storage spaces, solar-powered landscape lighting in the gardens, and a solar energy storage back up. The compound of the future!

So there you have it, glamorous architecture, intricately planned landscapes, plenty of upbeat fun-filled things to do – with equal tranquillity available, and most importantly, donuts, these are all some of the exquisite perks of 90 Avenue.

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