Sunday October 1st, 2023
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Talabat Mart Expands into Four New Egyptian Cities

The food delivery giant's 20-minute grocery delivery service has proven to be a hit in Egypt.

John Bichara

Talabat's 20-minute grocery delivery service, Talabat Mart, has announced its expansion into several Egypt's cities, reaching out to customers in Assiut, Zagazig, Ismailia and Port Said.

Having launched in March 2021, Talabat Mart is powered by a system of dark stores with real time inventory management and high-speed order transmission to pack and deliver groceries as efficiently as possible.

“We have the most efficient and the fastest dark store operations," Mohamed Sekkina, General Manager of Talabat Mart, says. "Our picking time average is less than 3 minutes across the 35 stores in 7 cities.”

This expansion is the latest step in Talabat's mission to bring its grocery delivery technology to every community in Egypt. Talabat Mart is currently operational in nine governorates, with 35 dark stores under use.

Talabart Mart's horizontal growth strategy looks to diversify their product offerings, introducing new product categories like flowers, supplements and cosmetics, while introducing a new range of frozen seafood and fresh bakeries to its selections. They're also adding a number of local stores to the platform such as Beit El Goma and BIM.