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The Brotherhood's Downfall

A recent piece of news issued by the court has everyone anticipating the Brotherhood's downfall...

Some news has recently broken that has us spitefully dancing in our seats and should help fuel our revolutionary fire in the lead up to June 30th. The escape from prison by Senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders, including that of our joke of a president Mohamed Morsi, Essam El Erian, Sobhi Saleh, and Saad El Katatni, is being referred to state prosecutors by a court in Ismalia.


In the mayhem of January 2011, some 11,000 prisoners escaped, resulting in the death of 13 people, and paving the way for our current political ‘leadership’ to assume power. Last night it was announced that 34 senior Brotherhood members, including Freedom and Justice Party head, Saad El Katatni, will officially be investigated for espionage.


The court also called on Interpol to arrest the leaders of Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al Qaeda in Sinai for their alleged role in planning and executing the prison break.


So it seems Christmas has come early this year, as the people now have legitimate reason and sufficient ammunition to do away once and for all with the Brotherhood’s stronghold on our beloved country.


Here’s hoping for a quick and bloodless transition from this current administration to better days ahead.