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The Middle East Friendship Chart

Slate's cute interactive infographic separates the BFFs from the frenemies of the region.

In Middle Eastern politics it is often difficult to tell the why from the what, but even more difficult to work out who is chummy with whom.

Thankfully the guys and gals over at have made it all super-simple with their very-own 'Middle East Friendship Chart' designed to show just exactly who is in bed with whom.

The chart features such favourites as Saudi Arabia, Iran and ever present nuisance, Israel. Meanwhile cuddly terrorists Al-Qaeda and IS (formerly known as ISIS) are also featured. However the chart has already sparked debate among online users who've questioned the accuracy of the chart which puts Shia Iran in an odd alliance with Sunni-backed terror group, Al-Qaeda.

But regardless of your politics - we still reckon it's well worth a look.

Check it out here.