Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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This New Tower Project in Egypt Aims to Surpass Burj Khalifa in Stature

Art deco meets pharaonic.

Staff Writer

There’s something monstrous coming to town – so monstrous in fact – that according to a post by Idia Designs on Instagram, will surpass the amazing Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It’s still a concept, and project designers have released a couple of videos showcasing the Oblisco Capitale Tower.

The whole project is still kinda under wraps, the company building the tower is actually still kept confidential, as they want to reveal the whole project in detail themselves.  

But don’t think of this as just a tower, it’s much more than that, “it’s a complete community with the business hub, medical city, educational complexes, etc. It will be an integrated project”, says Lina Hesham, Communication Manager at Idia Design.


The design of this grandiose tower is absolutely beautiful, and immediately gives off a feeling of old mixed with new. It’s like the ancient comes alive through the modern. “The first inspiration from was to make a pharaonic design inspired from the obelisk so we added up the art deco as a theme to the project since it’s a style inspired from pharaonic civilisation.”, added Lina.

The Oblisco Capitale Tower is set to be like nothing ever seen before in Egypt. We can’t wait to get more information, and of course, to witness this grandiosity at the new capital real soon.

Main image from IDIA Design