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The Prison Brotherhood

Ever wonder what life in prison must be like for the Muslim Brotherhood? Well, we have the exclusive photos that expose their new roles and their new lives as The Prison Brotherhood.

As of late, we have been daydreaming what the Muslim Brotherhood are doing behind bars. After some ridiculous research we were able to find some AUTHENTIC photos that not only show their new roles in prison, but what they are up to as well:

You wanna be safe, then hold my pocket, bitch.

It said that in foreign prisons the golden rule is shank or be shanked. We imagined here in Egyptian prisons, it is miswak or be misWHACKED.

They found this man with a Douglas (a Goatee), claiming he wasn't with the Brotherhood, and willing to sell them out in an instant. We imagine he won't be wanting to drop his prayer beads anywhere, as this man will likely be the first to be misWhacked.  
Always the man with the plan, this leader saw the writing on the wall and decided to get it tattooed. It was his plan that got them in there and it will be his plan that gets them out.
All I have to trade are groceries and I want that checkboard. Deal? Deal!
 Who could forget this scene in Shawshank Redemption? Who knew the poster would hold the key to escape? In Egyptian prisons it seems like the poster they  put up would be a dead give-away.  

We imagine that prison riots are scheduled every Friday night. Until recently cancelled.

Legitimately in his safe place