Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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The Reality of Bolitics

There are certain times when someone needs to speak up and talk about the madness of a situation. This is one of those times.

Staff Writer

During our own revolution people got so preoccupied with the “martyr” and who pretended to show support for whom, that we let go of actually achieving any of the revolutionary aims. In fact we have gone 100 steps backwards. For example, had Shafik won the presidential election, we would be arguing about the exact same things that we are now (a fair constitution, corruption, police brutality, etc.) but without the need to be discussing whether a woman girl can be married off at 12 years old, or whether you should be in jail for being an atheist. That’s not to say I support Shafik but is, unfortunately, the reality.

Instead of having the discussion be about things that really matter, we are exerting so much effort talking about Salafists and Ikhwan nonsense, and sometimes wish we could go back and stop the revolution from happening all together. I ask you, would the martyrs be happy now? Have we really justified their spilled blood? I think the answer is no.

As it stands, our government – instead of protecting Sinai –  is preventing our army (I know our army has grown fat and lazy for the past 30 years but they are still capable) from doing their job there. They’ve instead left the desert to become a meeting point for terrorists released by Morsi’s administration to negotiate with other terrorists, attacking security forces in the area. In a time of instability, our Islamic government saw fit to release some of the most dangerous Jihadists under the name of the revolution and open the borders to Gaza despite our own country being in turmoil.

Now, here is my issue: we all know Israel is an occupying force and needs to be stopped in terms expansion, but the fact is, Israel is here to stay.  Let us take that to be our first premise. Let us imagine neighbours Egypt and Libya were in the same situation as Israel and Palestine; Egypt an occupying force and Libya acting as a government ruled by Islamists. Libya turns around and says Egypt is illegal and does not have the right to exist. In this hypothetical situation, Egypt would destroy Libya at any given opportunity. Any country would do the same.

What people fail to understand is two wrongs do not make a right, and however much you try and deny Israel’s existence, it just won’t happen. Let us take Hamas: they claim to be a liberation force but, in a decade, what exactly have they liberated? What exactly have the protected? The reality is they have a few rocket attacks here and there that will have little effect on Israel, but Hamas’ mere existence gives Israel all the excuse it needs to attack, occupy and expand. People need to understand that Hamas benefits from being under siege; they make millions through smuggling and black market activities, and essentially oppress their own people in Gaza.

Take away Hamas and the world, whether they like it or not, would have to listen to the Palestinian plight. The world has changed since Israel took over: if Hamas disappeared tomorrow and Israel continued their expansion, they would no longer have the banner of self-defense to justify their actions. If that was the case, I would give it a matter of weeks until a peace treaty is signed and a two-state solution would be agreed on.

Instead, we have our Prime Minister calling Hamas our brothers and giving them aid, while he tells Egyptians with no electricity to all sit in one room and wear cotton. He provides Hamas with 50 tons of medical supplies when Egyptian doctors are on the streets begging for supplies and basic pay to actually provide health care to Egyptians.


Ironically, the more we support Gaza while they are ruled by Hamas, the more we hurt Palestine. We have two options now: repeat the same mistakes we made during our revolution by ignoring the reality and focusing on the martyrs, or accept the reality and achieve what the martyrs who died would have wanted.