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Switzerland To Provide 100,000 Egyptians with Safe Water

With contracts totaling nearly LE 40 million, the Embassy of Switzerland has committed to improving drinking water in Aswan.

When one thinks of Switzerland the first thought that comes to mind is neutrality. However, when it comes to trying to improve the lives of Egyptians they are anything but, as once again the Embassy of Switzerland’s Office for International Cooperation has announced they will be awarding two contracts to improve drinking water for a 100,000 people in Al-Nassereya, Aswan.

As part of a 2013 plan to improve Aswan’s water services, the Embassy of Switzerland have continued to follow through on their promise by offering two contracts totaling 5 million CHF (LE 37.5m). “Switzerland is committed to sustainable development assistance in Egypt.  Regular access to potable water for some 100,000 people improves the quality of life of an important number of Egyptian families, boosting health and hygiene standards,” said Markus Leitner, the Ambassador of Switzerland in Egypt.

Under the agreed framework between Egypt and Switzerland, the Swiss initiative will include capacity building, water management and governance measures undertaken with the Aswan Water and Sanitation Company (AWSC), as well as awareness-raising activities within the schools and community of Al-Nassereya. “In addition, the projects will create temporary jobs. Fifty percent of the laborers who will be hired through the local contractors to carry out the excavation works in Al-Nassereya will be from the local community,” said Leitner. 

Needless to say both jobs and water sanitation are desperately needed, and thankfully the Swiss are committed to help. So the next time someone tells you the Swiss don’t care because they are neutral, point out the fine work they are doing in Egypt at a time where a majority of countries choose to wash their hands of us.