Monday July 22nd, 2024
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The US Elects Its First Egyptian-American Judge

Sherrie Miday has just been elected and sworn in as Common Pleas Court Judge, making history and becoming the first Egyptian-American to ever serve in such capacity in the United States judiciary.

Staff Writer

The US Elects Its First Egyptian-American Judge

The Trump era has officially kicked off, but coming as a pleasant surprise is the swearing in of newly elected Sherrie Miday, who just became the first Egyptian-American woman to ever serve as Common Pleas Court Judge in the United States.

Sherrie Miday's difficult journey has paid off as she managed to win the Cuyahoga County Board Election in Ohio. The 40-year-old judge was born and raised in Cleveland by her Coptic parents. Her father, Reverend Mikhail Edward Mikhail, was only the 8th Coptic Orthodox priest ordained to serve a growing Coptic congregation in America. “My father’s nearly 40 years of service is a tremendous inspiration to me, my husband and our three children. He could not do it, however, without the support of my mother, whose love for her church, community, and family is incredible," Miday said on her official website. Although she hasn’t lived in Egypt, Miday explains that she is proud of being Egyptian and mentions that she had to overcome a wave of angry Americans attempting to label her as “terrorist Arab”.

Miday graduated from the Case Western Reserve University School of Law in 1998. She began her career as judicial staff attorney for the court, going on to serve as a labour and employment attorney, a domestic violence prosecutor, and a mortgage litigator. Her varied background has equipped her with an extensive knowledge of US laws, however, failed to be elected the first time she ran in 2014.