Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Think Tank Ranks Egypt As One Of The Worst Places For Youth

Youthonomics has just released its Global Index, which claims that Egypt is one of the worst countries in the world for youths to live in, placing us at 59th out of 64 countries ranked.

Staff Writer
Youthonomics has released its Global Index, alleging that Egypt is one of the worst countries in the world for youth. A high unemployment rate, as well as low rankings in both the Early Education and University categories, factored into Egypt’s position as 59th out of 64 nations ranked. The think tank spent more than a year gathering data and assessing how “youth-friendly” each country is.
Despite the seemingly bleak report, Egypt was ranked 18th in Youth Outlook and 1st in Personal Wellbeing. The rest of the rankings, however, are very low. 
The only countries to have landed lower on the list are Côte d'lvoire, South Africa, Mali, Uganda, and Brazil. Remarkably, the only other countries from the Middle East/North Africa region listed were Israel (15th) and Turkey (34th). The report claims that other countries in the region lacked sufficient data to to qualify.
While the report is informative, it certainly isn’t a conclusive be-all, end-all summation of the youth experience in Egypt. 
The full report is available here for free after signing up for the Youthonomics mailing list.