Thursday December 7th, 2023
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This Entrepreneur Just Created Egypt’s First Female-Only Driving School to Empower Women

Setting off to inspire women to take the wheel, Cairo-based entrepreneur Nayrouz Talaat is providing them with a judgement-free space to master the art of driving.

Staff Writer

Driving in Egypt has largely been a male-dominated field, but as women continuously strive for independence and increasingly get behind the wheel to face the madness of Egypt's roads, Cairo-based entrepreneur Nayrouz Talaat is setting off to empower them. 

Her game-changing startup, Direxiona, is Egypt's first ever female-only driving school, providing women with female instructors who teach them the art of driving as well as the road rules of Egypt. Founded in 2016, the school also teaches women the basics of car safety, such as checking oil and water levels, and how to respond in particular emergency situations. 

Talaat aims to create a safe learning atmosphere where women can learn to drive and ask questions without feeling judged or emotionally vulnerable. This can ultimately empower them and provide them with the confidence they need to manoeuvre on the road. “I had problems with my own driving classes when I was learning to drive. I didn’t feel safe, and I couldn’t find any female instructors,” Talaat tells us. “Many women don’t feel confident because of the negative comments directed towards them and the stereotypes that classify them as bad drivers.”

Direxiona is revolutionising the way Egyptian women partake in driving, and the stigmas that surround them.

Stay tuned for the full interview with Direxiona’s Nayrouz Talaat on Startup Scene.

Main image retrieved from Facebook.