Friday 2 of December, 2022
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This New Egyptian Platform Helps You Donate to Charity 'In Memory Of' Those You've Lost

An offshoot of el Wafeyat, 'In Memory Of' lets you launch charitable projects in the name of the deceased.

Staff Writer

Online obituary service El Wafeyat has announced the introduction of a new service that allows users to set up charitable projects in the name of the deceased., an offshoot of, is a collaboration between the startup and various charitable foundations across the country that allows family and friends of the deceased to either donate to an ongoing project or crowdfund a new one. 

Based on the Islamic concept of Sadaqa Gariya (an ongoing good deed that lasts after the person is dead), InMemoryOf offers a number of charitable projects such as connecting a house to water and electricity, sponsoring a child's education, making a financial contribution to a poor couple's marriage fund, constructing/renovating a poor household's ceiling, or donate to Ahl Masr Burns Hospital. You can also donate to some of the already existing projects set up by other people.

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