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This Palestinian Tech Device Will Help You Control Your Life through a Foot Tap

Created by two 24-year-old entrepreneurs, Insolito is a shoe insole that allows fitness tracking, making phone calls - and even taking selfies - with just the tap of a foot.

Founded by 24-year-old Palestinian engineers Sa'ed Qariab and Mohammed Nabulsi, the Walking Tech is a startup rapidly making waves in the tech world, as they designed a smart device that allows fitness tracking and photograph-snapping with just the step of your feet.

Their product, Insolito, is a smart padded insole that can be inserted into any type of shoes and, once activated, can be controlled through a phone app. “We wanted to come up with a product that could make people’s lives better without adding annoying extra gadgets,” says Qariab. The entrepreneurs, who are now off to set up headquarters in Germany, have just graduated from an Arabreneur incubation programme and are now launching a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo to sell the product worldwide.

“We particpated in the bootcamp in February last year and it helped us create a startup from A-Z,” says Qariab, as he recalls the five-day intensive bootcamp implemented in partnership with the Canadian's Startup Zone of Ryerson University. “By the end of the camp, we were selected to be accelerated by Arabreneur in Ramallah and were nominated to attend The Pirate Summit in Germany in September 2015,” he says.

The insole enables fitness tracking, app shortcuts, and emergency alarms with every movement, potentially allowing people to monitor a big part of their lives at every movement. The insole detects movement and counts the number of steps you walk, as well as calculating your distance and speed. Among the features, it also keeps count of the calories that you burn, and enables you to create app shortcuts through customised foot tap patterns. This means that you can practically take a selfie, make a call, and open any app with just the tap of a foot.

But perhaps the most interesting feature is its SOS service, which allows users activate an emergency call through a special foot tap pattern, sending a message and the user's location to their family and friends, and even post to social media for them.

Launching through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the startup founders are receiving orders online and expecting to deliver the items by December 2015. “Our goal is to raise $35,000 so we can start the production process and the shipping to customers,” Qariab says.

For more information, visit their Indiegogo Campaign