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This Real Estate Company is Building 6th of October's First Ever High-Rise Towers Dubai Style

Mix-use developers Marakez are building a 21-story residential complex in West Cairo called Aeon and will be home to the first high-rise towers of their kind in the area and will be built 100m above sea level.

When it comes to residential buildings in 6th of October, our options are very limited in terms of the variety of apartments we can choose from and the amenities available in each one. Taking inspiration from the lavish and modern buildings of Dubai, mixed-use development company Marakez are changing residential living in a way never before seen in Egypt by building 6th of October's first ever high-rise towers. The properties will be built in Central West Cairo, a 200-acre mixed-use development area, which also harbors Mall of Arabia, a 10-acre park, and a gourmet food hall.The residential component of Central West, Aeon(pronounced ay-on, in case you were wondering), will strive to create a balance between the urban lifestyle of the inner city, and the serenity of suburbia. The project was put together by the award-winning architecture and urban design firm, Machado Silvetti, who have worked in places like New York, Dubai, Venice, and many more. “Marakez aims to create developments that are the heart and soul of the communities they serve,” says Marakez's CEO Ahmed Badrawi, adding that Aeon is "a residential project that will stand as a timeless landmark of West Cairo."The structure itself in West Cairo (not far from Juhayna Square for context) will be built on land 100m above sea level. With the addition of the 21-story Aeon towers, it will probably become the highest man-made point in Cairo. Strategically located in the centre of West Cairo, Aeon will lie in close proximity to Mall of Arabia, Smart Village, Dar El Fouad Hospital, and the 26th of July Mehwar. The 21-acre complex will be 15 percent built-up areas and 85 percent open spaces. These spaces will be home to lush courtyards, carefully landscaped promenades for walking, residential gardens, and other low-rise buildings which will surround the main 21-story high-rises. In terms of urban density, this will be one of the least crowded complexes in the whole country. You will also get a resort-like pool, a sun deck if you’re on the top floor, tennis and football courts, and a 700m jogging track for the days you feel like getting off the couch. A public WiFi will help you not miss out on much when you decide to leave the house. So basically, Marakez are bringing all of those luxurious Dubai skyscrapers you see on TV to 6th October.

You can go ahead and cancel that flight to Dubai now, because its finest tastes are coming right to the doorsteps of our buzzing metropolis.

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