Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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TikTok Campaigns to Support SMEs Come to MENA via New Academy

Video platform TikTok and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry are launching a digital growth programme for SMEs and startups in the region.

Startup Scene

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a UAE public entity, has teamed up with short-form video platform TikTok to create an all-new educational programme called the ‘Dubai Chamber-TikTok Academy’, which will help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) expand and evolve their digital growth strategies.


Almost 300 businesses have participated in the educational programme across a wide variety of industries, including tech, art, health, construction and banking.


The programme hopes to fuel growth and create job opportunities by supporting startups in generating brand power and gaining exposure among international audiences and potential customers.


SMEs account for over 90% of all Arab businesses and are the main provider of jobs, meaning that the methodology could result in more opportunities for social media professionals.


“Partnering with TikTok and adding new businesses to our portfolio has been a monumental highlight to our mission,” said Natalia Sycheva, the Senior Manager of Entrepreneurship and Special Projects at Dubai Chamber.


“We’re proud of the impact we have had thus far and look forward to reaching many more businesses soon,” she continued.


The programme will be launching later in 2021, at which point businesses and entrepreneurs will be able to apply.