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Topless Anger

Feminist group, Femen, have taken their tops off once more, this time to protest the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia...

The radical feminists group known as Femen are at it again. This time the activists are staging demonstrations supporting women's right to drive in Saudi Arabia. These 'sextremists' have taken their tops off again, this time bearing slogan such as the viral video hit “No Woman No Drive” and “Faster than your development.”

The demonstrations are taking place in front of Saudi embassies around the world. As it stands, there is no official regulation to ban Saudi women from driving, but at the same time they aren't allowed to apply for licenses. Meanwhile, a Saudi cleric declared driving dangerous to women’s ovaries, prompting angry responses. A petition to overturn this ridiculously chauvinistic ban has garnered signatures from 17,000 people. Hopefully, rational judgement prevails but until it does we expect that these topless demonstrations will continue to grow, to the excitement of many pervs.