Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Tuk-Tuks Officially Legal!

The bane of many a Cairene's existence, a new presidential decree legalises tuk-tuks on the road, so long as they are properly licensed.

Staff Writer

One might have thought that our traffic situation could deteriorate no further. One would be wrong. By presidential decree, Egypt will now be licensing tuk-tuks to remain on our already crammed roads. Yay! Once Egypt's traffic authority receives the aforementioned presidential decree adding both tuk-tuks and motorcycles to the traffic law, they will officially license these pesky vehicles into lawful existence.

Interim president Adly Mansour (only until our homeboy Sisi takes the reigns – hanet!) issued the decree, amending the state's traffic law no. 66/1973. Owners of tuk-tuks and motorcycles now have a thirty-day grace period, as of the 1st of this month, to legalise their vehicles. If this is not done before the allotted time expires, drivers who have not obtained their licenses will face confiscation. What does incorporating tuk-tuks into traffic law look like, we wonder? "Pertaining to the legality of lawful vehicles on state roads, all motor vehicles must obtain licenses to remain within the scope of the law. This applies to all vehicles, from cars to our fave new method of transport, the tuk-tuk." We wonder if they actually call it tuk-tuk? Perhaps the next order of business will be giving licenses to the donkey karreta