Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Is Cairo Getting Two More Airports?

Egypt's Minister of Civil Aviation has the announced the conversion of two Cairo-based military airports to accept civil flights. Get ready New Cairo and 6th of October...

Staff Writer

Well, it seems like Cairo International Airport is going to be a lot quieter in the coming months as Egypt's Minister of Civil Aviation has announced that two military airports will begin hosting civil flights. Hossam Kamal named  the Al-Qatameya and the Cairo West airports to be the beneficiaries of these new procedures, serving the New Cairo and Sixth of October City suburbs, respectively.

What stirred this pot, though? It is apparently all in preparation for the new Egyptian capital project which was declared not too long ago at this year's EEDC.

According to Ahram Online, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi personally decided to visit several airports around the country to announce the importance of transforming these airports to support civilian flights which not only help ease up Cairo International Airport's traffic but shows people the other parts of Egypt, as well as facilitating the commute to the airport for residents of Cairo outskirts.