Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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UAE-Based Valeo Wellbeing Secures $3M in Seed Funding to Grow Platform

The startup will use the funds to scale operations and platform, and introduce new wellbeing products into the UAE market.

Startup Scene

UAE-based guided wellness tech startup, Valeo Wellbeing, has secured $3 million in seed funding from various investors including Global Ventures, Global Founders Capital, Nuwa Capital, and FJ Labs. Valeo will use the funds to grow the platform and introduce an array of new wellbeing products into the UAE market.

The personalised wellbeing-tracking app offers users the ability to schedule health tests at-home, and, crucially, gives professional feedback as well as connects users with certified health coaches around the world. Valeo also provides users with easy access to their own data and information about their fitness and health, equipping them with more control over their lifestyles and enabling them to be in-tune with their bodies. Alongside this, participating wellbeing coaches provide custom lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise guidance to assist users in achieving and maintaining their optimal health.

Nadine Karadag, COO and Co-Founder of Valeo, provided a picture of the wellbeing market and situation: “Maintaining your wellbeing in the fast, modern world can be time and money consuming. You can find yourself paying a lot of money chasing health fads, and yet the right personalized advice at the right time remains difficult to find. Where do you go when you are not sick but you are not feeling your best?”

“Valeo closes this gap in the market,” she said, “by providing a solution that is convenient, impactful, and reasonably priced. We want users to start their journey towards feeling their best using the Valeo app from the comfort of their homes."

Valeo’s CEO and Co-Founder, Sundeep Sahni, added: “We’re so grateful to be part of the UAE startup ecosystem that has enabled us to bring Valeo to life. Moreover, Dubai has a thriving wellbeing scene that is led by government and private initiatives such as Dubai Fitness Challenge. Post-covid, people living in Dubai have become significantly more conscious of their wellbeing.”