Friday 9 of December, 2022
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UAE-Based nybl Acquires Mexico’s Visual Data Mining Platform Nubila

nybl is already trailblazing across multiple sectors in the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India, and the U.S.

Startup Scene

UAE-based AI pioneer nybl announced its acquisition of Mexico’s visual data mining and machine learning platform, Nubila, in a deal that will see Nubila Founder Marlon de Jesús González join the nybl R&D team.

The acquisition is part of nybl’s mission to democratise access to artificial intelligence (AI) by building a comprehensive end-to-end AI ecosystem that anyone can use to analyse real-time datasets without needing to write code or rely on historical training data.

Speaking on the acquisition, nybl CEO Noor Alnahhas said in a press release “the technology we are acquiring with Nubila is the next generation of machine learning. It will help turbocharge our ambitions to fully democratise AI in the region and beyond; we are delighted to be bringing it to market. The world has reached a critical phase of AI development. Much of what we consider as artificial intelligence today is simply the building blocks for the development of the future of AI.”

nybl’s unique AI solutions are already at the forefront of deep technology across the Gulf region, where it is being applied in sectors ranging from oil and gas, healthcare, and security across a growing list of countries that includes the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and beyond the region in India and the U.S.