Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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UAE First Female Pilot Family Loves ISIS?!

Following the news of the UAE's first female fighter pilot partaking in airstrikes against ISIS, her family reportedly released a statement disowning her and announcing their support for the militant group.

Staff Writer

The family of the UAE's first female fighter have reportedly disowned their daughter after she carried out air strikes against ISIS.

Mariam Al Mansouri is said to have 'led the squadron' as the UAE took part on bombing raids targetting the brutal terror group. However a statement claiming to be from  Mansouri's family lashed out at the woman for "taking part in the brutal international aggression" against Syria.

Meanwhile it also expressed support for the Islamic State, saying "we are proud of the Sunni heroes in Iraq and the Levant."

It said, "We the Mansouri family in the United Arab Emirates hereby publicly declare that we disown the so-called Mariam Al Mansouri as well as anyone taking part in the brutal international aggression against the brotherly Syrian people, starting with our ingrate daughter Mariam Al Mansouri.

"We ask our countrymen not to burden us with the consequences of the actions of the so-called Mariam Al Mansouri.

"We call upon all factions... on the Syrian battleground to unite and join efforts and forces towards the single objective of overthrowing the monstrous Assad regime.

"Our family is proud of all free men who defend their cause and of all those who take up arms to defend the honour of their nation [the Islamic Nation]. We are proud of the Sunni heroes in Iraq and the Levant and all those who take up the banner of righteousness wherever they may be."

The statement, released by the Palestinian 'Watan News Agency' has yet to be verified.

Al Mansouri became an international hero when news of her role in the campaign emerged last week.