Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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UK Nazis Target MB Office

Check out exclusive footage of British far-right extremists staging a protest outside the Muslim Brotherhood's London HQ.

Staff Writer

UK Nazis have targeted the Muslim Brotherhood's international headquarters in London. A group of 20+ 'Britain First' hardliners staged a sickening protest outside the exiled group's campaign offices in Cricklewood on Saturday. However, the group of brutal nationalist thugs were outnumbered, as the footage below shows, by anti-fascist activists from Unite against Fascism.

The stunt is largely seen as an attack on the Muslim community and diversity in the multicultural suburb. On the group's website they claim to stand against a "radical Islamist nightmare" in Britain and has also previously described the UK's fastest growing religion as "perhaps the most fascist and oppressive ideology you [can] imagine." In a statement before the march the group said: “This terrorist organization should not be allowed to establish a foothold in Britain, they are not welcome here, we are not the island where jihad will be allowed to thrive.” 

The party is known for its anti-immigrant belief, and states on its website that, “We want [British] people to come first, before foreigners, asylum seekers or migrants and we are overtly proud of this stance.” The party also adopts a firm religious ideology, stating that, “Christianity in Britain is under ferocious assault: many Christians now face discrimination and persecution because of their beliefs in many areas such as employment, business, and adoption.”