Friday December 1st, 2023
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UK Ride-Hailing App UVA to Launch in Egypt in June

Set to launch across Cairo and Giza, the first phase is set to kick-off with 3,000 on-boarded drivers.

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British ride hailing app UVA is launching operations in Egypt in June and is set to stir competition in the country’s ride-share market.

After delaying its launch in the wake of the pandemic, UVA has finalised all official procedures to commence operations. The first phase of the launch will take place on 1st if June, with 3,000 drivers to be available across the Cairo and Giza governorates.

Founded by Ibrahim Aldaajani, UVA boasts a set-price feature in ordering a ride through their app, vowing to eliminate surge charges that remain present in other e-hailing services as part of their goal of providing better service and at lower prices for riders. Drivers can also sign up in what is designed to be a rather unique, efficient, and user friendly manner, with the entire application process taking place through the app.

With the market having been dominated by Uber, Careem, and Swvl, and with the recent introduction of Indriver - a new foreign competitor penetrating the market - it could be a moment worth watching.