Tuesday September 26th, 2023
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Unsupervised Toddler Drowns In Unlicensed Maadi Nursery

Three people have been detained for questioning after a two-year old boy was found unsupervised and lifeless at the nursery's pool.

Staff Writer

Tragedy has struck the hearts of Maadi with the news that a toddler drowned at a nursery, resulting in the arrest of the nursery owner and two employees on charges of negligence.

The incident occurred on Friday, when a two-year old boy was left unattended at a privately-owned nursery in Maadi. Upon noticing that the child was missing, staff scrambled to find the boy, only to find him lifeless in the swimming pool. Immediately, after the needless loss of life, the prosecutor-general ordered that the trio be detained for four days for questioning. Looking into the matter, it was discovered that the nursery was operating without license.

No trial date has been announced yet, however this tragedy will stand as painful reminder to all parents to exercise due diligence when entrusting your children to others.