Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Up in Smoke: Egypt Hash Prices Soar by 50%

Fuel hikes have contributed to rising prices in Egypt, and the underbelly of the country is no exception - inside sources tell us that hash prices have seen significant hikes in recent days...

Staff Writer

Egyptians are sending even more of their hard-earned cash up in smoke as the recent tax hikes upped the cost of pretty much everything - including hashish.

Naughty CairoScene sources claim that the cost of an average brown finger has now topped 150LE - an increase of up to 50%.

Some consumers also report that the quantity of hash available has decreased due to an unforeseen shortage.

The news is set to give many Cairene pot-heads a serious comedown and leave many feeling more than a little fuzzy-headed this weekend.

Our source said: "Since gas prices changed, the price of everything has shot up, including hash. People are paying more for fuel and taxi fairs and so they have less disposable income in their pocket each week. So consequently many dealers are now charging users up to 50% more."

However our man on the inside added that all is not lost for those wanting to smoke up in the capital. "It's still possible to get a good deal if you are willing to shop around.

"Just because you've been buying from the same guys for years, it doesn't mean you have to keep on buying from him. If he's going to screw you then you have to take your business elsewhere."

This isn't the first time that Egypt has landed in hash-hell. In 2010 Egypt suffered a severe hash drought, sparking panic among many of Cairo's seasoned smokers.

Increased security measures enacted following the removal of Mohamed Morsi in July last year also wreaked havoc with the Cairo market.