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Uttering Bullshit

We've collected the best of the worst Tweets that emerged after the tragedy in Boston...

Tragedies should be mourned but unfortunately, this is not how humans operate. We go around spewing hate, discriminate against each other, lash back at the wrong people and fix things the wrong way, for the wrong reasons. We like to live the tragedy at its fullest, you know? We never fail at that because what’s wrong with making things worse?

So why would the most recent tragedy be any different? The two bombings at the end line of a marathon that took place last Monday in Boston saw an avalanche of conspiracy theories, racism and violent threats flood the online world. The global community sighed in relief last Friday when the lockdown on the city was lifted as the suspects were found, but that doesn’t take away from utterly awful things that were said. Here are the best of the worst Tweets we had the misfortune of coming across: 

Of course, Fox always has a way of pushing the worst of humanity’s upon us. Their dumbass guest, Erik Rush, tweeted this to a little over 37,000 followers, because why not kill over 1.6 billion people? 

If only he had hashtagged #Fact, we would have almost believed him.

Because, you know, invading countries and screwing them over for oil isn’t terrorism. 

If that's the case, you should really watch your back.

The government is too busy blowing up other countries, smartass.

You know that saying about pointing fingers, don't you?