Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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VIDEO: Woman Assaulted by Policeman on the Metro

A policeman slapped a woman who refused a man's entry into the ladies' metro car, leading to the disruption of traffic, and her eventual arrest.

Staff Writer

A video has gone viral of a police officer hitting a woman on the metro, and then pushing her outside the tram while the onlookers watch with no interference. Al Wattan News reported that the lady, along with a group of women, refused the entry of a man who accompanied his wife and son into the ladies' metro cart. After various attempts to have him to switch to a different cart, they decided to keep the doors of the metro open by force.

Following the delay of the metro's arrival at AlKhalafawy Station, the driver broadcasted that the passengers should move away from the doors, and allow the metro to continue on to its destination. Only five minutes of patience were endured before the metro staff started to break up the crowds, and the police got involved. It is shown in the video how the woman's screams pierced through the crowds, only to be slapped by the policeman continuously before being taken in by force into custody. 

أمين شرطة يصفع امرأة في المترو لرفضها ركوب رجل والأمن يعتقلها.

سيدة  في المترو رفضت ركوب رجل في عربية السيدات، لكن أمين الشرطة عمل فيها سبع وضربها، وطبعًا من شيم البلطجية ضرب السيدات، يعني مش حاجة جديدة عليهم. المهم إنه في النهاية الأمن حب يخلص الموضوع فاعتقل السيدة في نهاية الفيديو.أمين الشرطة وشه واضح جدا لو النيابة هتهتم يعني. الفيديو منقول من جريدة الوطن اللي بتحب الداخلية أوي.شيرو الفيديو متسبوش حق الست دي.#الداخلية_بلطجية

Posted by ‎أحمد جمال زيادة Ahmed Gamal Ziada‎ on Tuesday, February 2, 2016