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Video: Egyptian Muslim Calls for the End of Bias Reporting Against Israel

An Egyptian Muslim launches #IsraelTruth calling on global media to stop reporting on Israel in a bias and negative fashion. Is there truth in what he believes or is he guilty of bias himself? You decide.

When talking about the Israel-Palestine conflict it is rare to find an Egyptian that would sympathise with Israel. Even rarer is finding a Muslim that feels that Israel is any sort of victim. Emerging from his bubble and proving that anything is possible is allegedly an Egyptian Muslim, Ahmed Meligy, who strongly feels that the media has an anti-Israel bias and has launched a campaign calling for the end of “dishonest reporting”.

Introducing himself in the video as an ‘Egyptian peace activist’, Meligy strongly criticises various mainstream media outlets accusing them of being so biased against Israel that their reporting further provokes Egyptian Muslims, and fuelling further hatred and violence. Fed up with the recent outburst of violence and they way it’s being reported, Meligy claims that the media has provoked him to take to social media and express that Israel has the right to exist, and that they should have the right to be represented by the media in “a decent honest way”.


Israel Buried in LIES!!

When the media is so biased against Israel to the point that an Egyptian Muslim get provoked by all of this Dishonest reporting :(Shame on the Media and their Brainwash methodsI Call for #IsraelTRUTH and we become our own true News Reporters, it is our Duty to ACT and show the World what's going on in Israel.PLZ SHARE, TAG & TWEET So we can reach as many PEOPLE we can.SALAM & SHALOM from My EGYPT <3

Posted by Ahmed Meligy on Sunday, October 25, 2015


For over nine minutes Meligy, sitting in front of both an Israeli and Egyptian flag, lectures the media on how they should report on the Israel-Palestine conflict, and goes so far as to launch #IsraelTRUTH, hoping that social media will show the world “what’s going on Israel.” In his rant he calls out the BBC and Washington Post for their biased views. The video he posted two days ago has already garnered over 50,000 views and is being widely shared by many and we imagine will anger others.

The only truth is that almost all media is biased, with possibly a few exceptions, and we’re sure as contributing writer to the Jerusalem Post, that even they are guilty, at times, of being biased. The truth is that Israel's existence is recognised, while Palestine is not. No matter what Meligy's intentions are with this post, it will not bring a resolution to the issue, but will do exactly what biased reporting always does; turn one side against the other. The fact that he is an Egyptian Muslim will have no effect in changing Muslims' mentalities, but rather will give Zionists a Muslim spokesperson to champion their beliefs. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but make no mistake, this video will not bridge the divide that already exists, as both countries might have the right exist but only one does. If Meligy wants to call himself a non-biased peace activist, then launch a campaign to end violence not stop the biased reporting, which happens on both sides of the issue. Even if there is a shred of  truth in what he believes, launching a campaign called #IsraelTRUTH is clearly an aneurysm-inducing biased hashtag. If you aren't really aren't biased then you would launch something like #EndMediaLies, rather than paint the picture that only Israel is a victim of media bias.