Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Viral Facebook Post With Tips On How To Protect Your Child Against Sexual Harassment

With the recent exposure of child sex abuse cases in Cairo schools, Child Psychologist Dr. Siham Hassan discusses the topic and provides tips for the parents via a Facebook post that has gone viral.

Staff Writer

With the culture of ‘3eib’ engulfing most of our days, forcing us at many points to change certain aspects of our life or hide deeply-ingrained convictions from family and people we love, the possibility of there being life-wrecking ‘3eib’ things going unmentioned is unfortunately not very slim. Such is the case with the recently exposed horrendous stories of child abuse at some of the ‘good’ schools of the city. And since the subject verges on the sexual, it should not come as a surprise that the mothers of the assaulted children either had no idea what was going on with their children or were even terrified to protest against the grotesque act because of what people might say.

Child psychologist Siham Hassan, who specialises in raising awareness and guidance regarding children’s psychological and mental well-being, and manages the Your Child's Psychology (nafseyat teflek) Facebook page, published a post on the topic on April 12th that has gone viral. Attached to the post are 13 illustrations of children with various tips such as ‘don’t allow anyone to touch the area covered by your pants and shirt’ and ‘no one kisses or hugs me but my family’, all with the motto ‘Voice Your Rejection of Harassment’.

In her post, Dr. Hassan explains that many parents have contacted her about the child sexual abuse taking place in schools, and says that this is unfortunately not the first time that this happens, especially in nurseries. Before delving into how parents can protect their children from this, she clarifies that it is not ‘3eib’ to discuss such topics and that a mother needs to keep an eye on her child. Dr. Hassan suggests that mothers keep up with the details of their child's day, and pay attention should the child become an insomniac, develop infections in private areas, or mention having a 'secret' with an adult, among other warning signs.

Dr. Hassan then lists about 16 tips to help protect children from such incidents. For instance, she advises parents to never let their children shower with anyone, close the door when using the washroom, never ask them to hug or kiss someone, or even leave them with an adult family member no matter how close.

The post, which has been shared at a viral pace on Facebook so far, has obviously had a great impact and been quite helpful to parents who are sure to be lost and worried sick about protecting their children.

You can find Dr. Hassan's post here. Going over the post and sharing it might also be very helpful for parents and children alike.