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Virtual Events Platform Eventtus Launches Pay as You Go Model in Egypt

The innovative model will essentially mean that platform will only charge organisers based on the number of attendees at their event.

Egyptian-born, Dubai-based virtual events platform, Eventtus, is looking to level the playing field for event organisers in Egypt, helping small and large organisers alike to run virtual events scaled to their needs. Their newly implemented 'Pay as you go' pricing model allows organisers to do just that without being overcharged based on overly-generous subscription fees. The new model will adjust the price based on the number of people attending the event, with no set-up fees, no upgrades and no long-term commitments.

“We are introducing this ‘attendee credit’ model for organisers to buy credit in advance and top it up when the event reaches its milestones,” said Co-founder and CEO of Eventtus, Mai Medhat. “As we are getting ready for the hybrid events era, it’s already challenging enough for many events with a lot of uncertainty. We think it’s only fair to charge our customers based on the number of attendees showing up to their events. This opens the floor for events to offer immersive experience to their virtual audience and in-person attendees.”

The attendee credits are available for 12 months and can be used for multiple events. Organisers will have access to a networking lounge, reliable streaming and several ways to engage with participants and exhibitors. Despite the difficulties that the Coronavirus pandemic caused for in-person events throughout 2020, Eventtus has enabled organisers with virtual or hybrid events to stream 2.5 million minutes in the past few months.