Thursday September 21st, 2023
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Voting Shmoting

Egyptian sense of humour reins supreme again as many voters add their own favourite candidates to the ballots...

Staff Writer

As most understand, they have three optionswhen they walk in to the polling booths over the next few hours. You vote for the favourite Sisi, the underdog Sabahi or go for the idealistic option of nullifying the vote. But apparently there is in fact, a fourth option. Make up your own candidate. The youth of Egypt have decided to protest their perception of a farce election by doing what Egyptians do best, taking the piss...

Arya Stark from Game of Thrones for president.

 Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos for president of Egypt.
Blufrank, Egyptian DJ and producer for president.

Fein el iPad?

Boshret Kheir for president
 Hamed Sinno of Mashrou Leila for president
Liverpool's Steven Gerrard for president. 

Cristiano for president, ta3ban.

Solid candidate in Abou Treika here.


And finally, Vladamir Putin...