Monday September 25th, 2023
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We Are One

Anam Sufi gives us a detailed account of the devastating impact of defeat, ahead of what’s bound to be an explosive finale.

Staff Writer

Wednesday’s semifinal match between Germany and Brazil buzzed amidst cyber and social circles like a swarm of bees during mating season –perhaps even roofied with a dose of viagra. Here stood Brazil, a team notorious for its outstanding performances in football, and crowned the world champion (in men’s football) five times in its impressive athletic history. Yet, despite such a star-studded resume, they were absolutely floored by Germany’s mechanic demonstration of teamwork, skill, and dedication. 

Many spectators were reported to have sued their digestive systems after the match, having missed the goal after goal (after goal after goal) scored against Brazil, due to gastric demands. One fan was reported saying, “I went to the bathroom to pee when I heard an eruption from the crowd. I came back with my pants around my knees, having missed the goal. So I went back again, only to have the same experience repeated twice more!”

Neymar, having fractured his third vertebrae was greatly missed during the embarrassing debacle that was the Germany vs. Brazil match; as was the captain of the team, Thiago Silva. 

Another notable result, apart from the obvious walk of shame faced by the Brazilian team, was the immediate explosion of websites and social media posts that were dedicated to the harrowing images of Brazilian fans who were devastated by the 7-0 loss of their team. Thousands of tweets and statuses of condolences were made, as the international community embraced their humanity and showed empathy for the heart broken supporters.  

On the flip side, millions of German nationals and unexplainable plethora of international fans supporting the team rejoiced around the world over a victory that will not soon be forgotten. Leaving a legacy of triumph to discuss for generations to come, the German team has wholly deserved their place in the upcoming final. 

The second semifinal match between the Netherlands and Argentina was a bit of a snooze-fest until the very end… a nail-biting penalty shoot-out between both teams. Sergio Romero did the unthinkable and blocked the first shot from the German team, giving Argentina an immediate advantage that was quickly exploited into a well-deserved win. Both teams proved equal in talent, but in the end it was Argentina that prevailed. Multi-millions of dollars were lost and made in betting polls across the world, a small show of the passion-inspiring sport that is football. 

Meanwhile, in Palestine…

It’s no mistake Gaza has been under attack while the world remains glued to the World Cup matches. If only such international attention could be granted by the masses and social media towards the illegal human rights violations (a hyperbolic euphemism) being committed by Israeli forces towards Palestinian men, women, and children.

There is a brutal massacre happening; one that demands global protests. We’ve failed Syria, and have continuously failed Palestine. If we can unite in the name of a sport, perhaps it’s time for solutions over sympathies.