Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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Update: Women to Protest Over Death of Shaimaa El Sabagh

Women of all walks of life are being called upon to take to Talaat Harb Street today to protest the tragic shooting of the Alexandrian activist.

Staff Writer

Update: Women to Protest Over Death of Shaimaa El Sabagh

Anger continues to mount over the senseless killing of activist Shaimaa El-Sabagh last Saturday, as a number of Egyptian women are calling for protest on Thursday at the same location she was shot.

The eve of the January 25th Revolution anniversary was marred when an unarmed 33-year old activist and mother took to the streets to attempt to lay flowers, with about two dozen others, in honour of the martyrs of the popular uprising.  Tragically, the peaceful El-Sabagh died from heart and lung lacerations and bleeding in the chest caused by birdshot fired from only eight metres away, according to Egypt’s Authority of Forensic Medicine.

El-Sabagh was well known as advocate for workers’ right and a leading member of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party in Alexandria, a party that supported both uprisings. Shocked by her death, the party alleges that the police premeditated her murder, despite authorities call for a ‘thorough’ investigation.

Looking to express their anger on yet another dark incident, a number of women with no party or political group affiliation have called for a protest to take place in Downtown Cairo on Talaat Harb Street at 2pm local time.


Meanwhile in France, multiple people have taken to replicating El-Sabagh last moments through photograph as a gripping tribute to the fallen activist. 


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