Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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You Can Now Book an Uber Black From Cairo International Airport

To help with Egypt's reviving tourism sector after the country reopened, Uber Black trips from Cairo International Airport are now available, in a partnership with Abou Ghaly Motors who will provide Uber with drivers and cars.

Staff Writer

Okay take a deep breath and close your eyes, you hear the grind of rubber on tarmac, the clapping of a gaggle of delirious passengers are muted by the ping of mobile networks welcoming both its citizens and wide eyed tourists to the motherland. You step outside the plane's door, summer's heavy humidity smacks hard in the face but it's a familiar smack, like the one your mother might have given you with a shibshib as a child and it makes you feel at home. You've got your luggage and it's silent as you're heading out to the exit, then… TAX TAX TAX taxi mr sir TAXI TAXi TAX… Psssst TAx tAxi TAXI TAxI MR Mr SIR PSSST LIMOZEEEN TAX LIMOZEEN TAX PSSSST TAXI TAX, PSSST TAX.I...tAx. Taaaaaaxx TAAAAAAHHHX TAX. A thousand hungry eyes staring at you like fresh meat, you're unsure which drivers are official and which ones are not, which prices are legitimate and which ones are not - calculated based on how bemused and foreign you look. You're not sure which ones will have a 'limousine' AKA Hyundai Verna or actually just a taxi AKA older Hyundai Verna.

In an effort to make your arrival experience a little less taxing (come on…), over dramatic (maybe that's just us) and more luxurious (for the fancypants amongst you), in partnership with Abou Ghaly Motors, Uber are finally bringing Uber Black to Egypt and will now be available for rides starting from Cairo International Airport in an effort to help revive tourism following the government’s decision to gradually resume flights earlier this month.

If you're unfamiliar with Uber Black it's a service providing only premium high-end cars (think Mercs) for a higher ride fee while ensuring optimum quality and safety services with only top rated drivers. So similar to their Select service but with nicer cars.


Ahmed Khalil, General Manager of Uber Egypt, commented: “We are proud to launch Uber Black in Cairo to support the government’s plans in reviving tourism as airport operations resume. Our collaboration with a strong market player such as Abou Ghaly Motors will help us facilitate more access to transportation solutions by integrating innovative technology with a premium fleet."