Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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How One Company Went From Having 3 Employees to Providing Audio Solutions for Egypt's Biggest Venues

Audio Technology’s journey started with only one brand for CCTV to undertaking more than 40 of the most prestigious audio/video & CCTV brands in the market

Staff Writer

You know that feeling when you have everything planned out for a house party, and a few minutes before guests walk in your door, your BFF suddenly drops the bomb of the question that is, what are you playing music on? If you're fortunate, you're probably all set in that department with some overpriced speakers that will surely alarm the neighbors to the ungodly funsies you've got going on in there. Now let's say you're throwing that party in a stadium? In which case you wouldn't have the luxury to not have every little detail properly planned out, most of which is the sound system, which is where Audio Technology, Egypt's pioneering company for security, audio and visual technologies, comes in.

Back in 1993, Audio Technology launched in a rather stagnant, virtually nonexistent, market. Slowly and with a focus on carving its own path, Audio Technology debuted in a market where security systems were mostly limited to outdated black and white CCTV cameras. Cutting-edge, high-tech, and fully integrated and interactive security systems are what they offered the starved market, and it paid off well."The 1990s was a really tough time in terms of security and terrorism just like nowadays, however security cameras were mostly analogue, there weren't IP addresses for instance," explains Audio Technology's founder Emad Adly. "Integrating access control and all the internal security systems still wasn't in the market. That's what the IP system is all about, having one platform from which you can access every aspect of the security system."

Initially comprising of a team of literally just 3 people, the battle was quite fierce for Audio Technology to prove its worth in the market. Combining unique management techniques and catering to the market's increasing demands for higher quality, Audio Technology quickly evolved by providing prominent brands which were previously unheard of in Egypt. They're also the powerhouse behind mega sound-installing projects the likes of those of the Cairo Opera House, Cairo Stadium, Bibliotheca Alexandria and Cairo International Airport. The unsurpassed quality and technology it brought to its 100+ list of clientele have earned it a prestigious name in the market, which manifested in it being Egypt's sole distributor of the world's leading brands in the audio industry, JBL, L-Acoustics and Bose.

"Now there are 260 employees on the payroll, so just in the past few years, despite of economic instability, we were able to triple our manpower. We've evolved in terms of work force, work volume, and how we present and study our projects," said Adly. "The number of employees that have received professional training abroad are far more than our competitor, which comes as part of our constant strive to upgrade the market."

Today, Audio Technology stands as Egypt's biggest company for fully integrated security systems and sound and light solutions. They offer their tailored services to a varied range of venues, corporate clients, and retailers. Their list of clientele include some of Egypt's biggest names in their fields; think Virgin Mega Stores; HSBC Bank; Orange Telecommunications; Smart Village; Aswan Heart Center. Their unparalleled commitment to bring their clients' visions into life in the most high tech and cost efficient manner has established it as the go-to expert in the industry.

"I'm envisioning Audio Technology to become a company where different departments are working more in-sync with one another, and where each department becomes established as a pioneering company in its field; AV, security, and professional light and sound," said Adly. "I never want it to be a one-man-show company, I want it to be owned by shareholders and undertaking major projects. The industry is also getting very competitive now, we have mega projects going on everywhere in Egypt like the New Administrative Capital, Suez Canal Economic Zone, New Alaimein, and many others. So we need to evolve real fast, and those who fail to keep up with projects on that scale will not be able to survive in the market."

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