Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Crazed Man Crawls Through Hole Into Sharm El Sheikh Airport

Another week, another security breach.

Staff Writer

Crazed Man Crawls Through Hole Into Sharm El Sheikh Airport

Security measures at Egyptians airport are being justifiably scrutinised after a second breach in a week has caught media attention. The latest breach took place at the Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport after a deranged man infiltrated the runway and proceed to tamper with a plane.

According to the report filed by Youm7, 29-year old Alaa managed to sneak onto the runway after sneaking through an unattended hole in the security wall. The report claims that the man then proceeded to drive a police car, approach an empty plane, climb the boarding stairs and attempted to enter the plane which was thankfully locked. When that failed, the suspect then removed a wedge from in front the plane’s wheel and tossed it into the engine, before finally being arrested by airport officials.

As it stands, the investigation into the breach seems to suggest that the man may be mentally disturbed. The news of this breach comes five days after the Minister of Aviation called for an investigation into airport security after a video of a donkey managing to find its way into the Cairo International Airport Terminal 3 car park went viral. Some found the ass breach as a humourous incident, while others pointed to the clear failure in security.

Any tragedy at an airport could devastate the already struggling tourism, while leaving many Egyptian citizens skeptical of the ability of its security forces to keep them safe.