Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Saudi Ambassador and Al-Ahram Head Allegedly Duke It Out

According to reports, a physical altercation allegedly occurred between the Saudi Ambassador and the head of Al-Ahram.

Staff Writer
As reported by Egypt Independent, a physical altercation allegedly took place between Al-Ahram’s chairman of the board, Ahmed al-Sayyed al-Naggar and Saudi Ambassador, Ahmed Qattan.
According to reports, the two began arguing over Saudi Arabia’s role in Syria and Yemen. The political argument became more heated until the pair “fought and threw water at each other.”
Though initially reports of the dispute were denied, controversial journalist Mostafa Bakry claimed during his Sada el-Balad show, to have been present during the fight. Early last year Bakry stated on television that Americans would be “slaughtered in their homes” if any attempt on el-Sisi’s life was made by the U.S. 
The day after the purported brawl Qattan traveled to London on a “private work mission”, without comment on the incident. Allegedly, two Al-Ahram reporters were banned from a conference in Riyadh. 
While officially Egypt and Saudi Arabia have "similar" stances on Syria, there is a difference in the way the two countries speak about the civil war and what steps should be taken to end it and its associated diaspora.