Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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Partial Collapse in Jewish Synagogue in Alexandria

Disregarding warnings from the dwindling Jewish community in Egypt, the Ministry of Antiquities is faced with the partial collapse of a synagogue in Alexandria.

Staff Writer

Partial Collapse in Jewish Synagogue in Alexandria

In the most recent news regarding the Jewish community in Egypt, part of a historic synagogue in Alexandria has collapsed. The Ministry of Antiquities, according to Youm 7, acknowledge the partial collapse of the third floor ceiling. The 400 metre square area covering the women’s area in the synagogue collapsed due to a lack of funds for restoration. 

The head of the Jewish Community Council in Cairo, Magda Haroun, has expressed concerns several times. Only recently in an interview with CairoScene, Haroun told us “There is very little I can do, I am all by myself. In 2-3 years, there will no longer be Jews in Egypt, so it is up to Egyptians who survive us to preserve their country’s heritage, because it would be the biggest testament to what a pluralistic, vibrant and colourful society we once were.”

Her most recent warnings it seems have not been heeded and we fear they appear to be true as such an incident is a shame for all Egyptians, regardless of religion, considering that the synagogue is a piece of our culture and history.

Main image by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions. Photography by Ahmed Najeeb.