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Tech Bel3arabi Scoops Seedstars World's Second Prize

UAE-based startup Tech Bel3arabi aims to spread knowledge and information about technology and promote technological advancement in the Middle East.

Technology is many things, but one thing it isn't is simple. It can seem like the bewildering work of benign witchcraft at times, other times it's just discombobulating details and numbers that send your soul on a bout of self-doubt, questioning your intelligence and revisiting your dark academic past and consulting your collection of X-men comic books searching for an answer to your most burning questions like 'what the hell are nano robotics? Are they in anyway related to my iPod Nano from 9th grade? Was I at some point in possession of a robot?'  

Digital tech magazine Tech Bel3arabi simplifies (read: dumbs down) technology for us simpletons with content tailored for the not-so-tech-savvy masses. "We want Tech Bel3arabi to become the beacon of all technology-related information in the region," says Tech Bel3arabi Editor-in-Chief Charles Semaan. "We will achieve this by providing the exact knowledge our followers are interested in and in a user-friendly way, improving the use of Arabic language and finding words to English-based terminologies, providing unbiased video reviews, and providing all the support needed for anyone."

The team behind the UAE-based startup aims to spread knowledge and understanding of technology across the Middle East and North Africa not only by creating engaging content; their arsenal has more than just words. "We offer on-site support regarding any tech inquiry you wish to ask us. Our team is specialised in this field and can provide the exact answers you are looking for," Semaan explains. "The second type of support is helping people who have creative ideas (like games, apps, gadgets, etc.) to hook them up with investors to fund their projects, or introduce them to the best developers/designers in case they wish to carry their project on their own."

In case the saying "words are mightier than swords" never really resonated with you, here is something that will make you reconsider. "We provide content to help readers with solutions in case they wish produce anything related to technology," Semaan says. "We have lots of articles that serve as guidelines and how-to. Another aspect of production is instructional video reviews that we will be adding shortly to the site."

Only one year old and already making waves, Tech Bel3arabi has scooped Seedstars World's second prize, the biggest international startup competition in emerging markets. "We participated in this competition to shed light on our website and the way we work. We were very happy in obtaining the second position as the jury saw a real educational message behind our work: closing the gap between consumer knowledge in the region and the fast-paced technological development worldwide."

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