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#JUNE30 - #JULY3RD Updates

We'll be constantly updating this page with news from protests in Tahrir, Ittahadeya, Alexandria and more. For more updates, follow us on Twitter @CairoScene.

JUNE 30:

12:45 - Please check out this list of things to take to protests, this list of things to wear and this list of emergency numbers before heading to protests.

13:00 - Policemen assigned to protecting protestors will be wearing this badge. Look out for it:

13.15 - Pro-Morsi rally armed and sheilded. Photo via @KFahim

13.30 - 17 members of Al Gama'a Al Islameya have been arrested for carrying weapons, heading to Pro-Morsi rally in Rabaah Adaweya. 

13.32 - Military helicopters spotted above Tahrir and Zamalek.

13:40 - Violent clashes between pro-Morsi and anti-Morsi protestors errupt in Mahalla

13:45 - Tahrir protest filling up fast. Photo via @HazemZohny:

13.55 - Citizen commitees (legan sha3beya) checking I.Ds and protecting entrances to Tahrir and Ittahadeya protests.

13.57 - Tahrir protestors cheer military helicopters. Photo via @IanJamesLee:

14:00 - John Kerry is said to be in correspondance with White House and US Department of State amidst growing concern of situation in Egypt.

14:10 - Hundreds if not thousands of UK-based Egyptians heading to protest at Egyptian Embassy in London. Protest starts at 2pm BST (3pm Local Cairo time)

14:15 - Moving display of determination as hundreds lift man in wheelchair above their heads in Tahrir. Photo by @MahaElNabawi:

14:18 - Trains between Cairo and Alexandria have been suspended. Other rail lines continue operation.

14:20 - Horeya Square, Maadi, filling up fast. Photo by @Meinardus

14:30 BREAKING NEWS: Several protestors in Alexandria hospitalised after being poisoned by drinking water distributed anonymously at demonstrations, according to

14:50 - Diasporas in Stockholm, Berlin and London protest outside their respective Egyptian embassies:

Berlin. Photo by @NoraShalaby
Stockholm. Photo by @MinaNaguib90
London. Photo by @SeifNabhan

 15:15 - Head of Tahrir Doctors organisation setting up three field hospitals at Ittahedeya, manned by 30 doctors. Photo via @PatrickKingsley:

15:17 - The President's office has announced a press conference to take place at Kasr El Kobba at 5PM. 

15:20 - Muslim Brotherhood march at Raba'a Adaweya still filled with sticks, pipes and other small weapons.

16:00 - Sheikh Qaradawi will be addressing the people at the pro-Morsi March at Raba'a Adaweya.

16:30 - Morsi issues a decree appointing 43 new Egyptian diplomats abroad.

Photo by @basildabh

16:50 - Large marches to Palace begin. 

17:20 - Reports that Tahrir is now completely full (including side-streets). This is before many of the major marches arrive. 

Screen shot from CBC

17:30 - FJP office in Abu Hammad, Sharqia set on fire. Fire engine stopped from reaching site. 

18:00 - Presedential spokesman just announced that they're open to serious dialogue with all parties and aim to have genuine reconcillation. 

18:30  - Spokesman at pro-Morsi rally in Rabaa asks crowd, "Have you renewed your vow for Jihad? They've mobilized thugs for (attacking) you."

18:35 -  MENA reports that around 26 alleged members of of Islamist groups are arrested by security forces at an apartment in Cairo's Mokattam district for possessing weapons including knives, weapons and bullet prof vests. MENA also reports that three were arrested in the vicinty of the Presedential Palace for possessing weapons and firearms. 

18:45 -  Military spokesman tells Sky News Arabia that there are three million anti-Morsi protesters across all governorates.\

18:50 - Policemen join protests in Tahrir.

19:00 - Tourist hotspot Na'ama Bay becomes focal point for anti-Morsi protests in Sharm El Sheikh:

19:10 - Rebel campaigners tell Al Ahram Online's Bassem Abo El Abbas that electricity has been cut from their stage outside the Presedential Palace where tens of thousands of anti-Morsi protesters are gathering. 

19:20 - Anti-Morsi protests reach El Qobba where Morsi is staying.

19:30 - Molotov attacks on MB headquarters in Mokkatam.  

19:45 - At least one dead and 10 injured in protests in Bani Soueif. 

19:48 - Brotherhood governor of Gharbiya exists through backdoor, protestors give him one hour to leave governorate.  

19:50 - Yusuf Al Qaradaqi: "I found Egyptians divided today and I will not join one group against the other." 

20:15 - As they flew over in helicopters, army dropped Egyptian flags into the anti-Morsi protest crowd in Tahrir Square. Biggest cheer of day.

20:30 - Al Arabyia: Brotherhood leaders flee house in King-Mariout in Alexandria after it was surrounded.

20:40 - Birdshots are being fired at protesters from inside the main HQ of the Muslim Brotherhood now.

20:50 - BBC has just announced that today's demos are the biggest Egypt has ever seen.

21:00 - June 30th Front calls on protesters to 'hold positions' in the squares and start a sit-in. 

21:15 - Protest areas in Cairo are so packed, mobile networks are overloaded and it's virtually impossible to get through to people in area.

21:20 - Sky News: 10,000 people protested in the city of Sohag.

21:30 - Shooting near FJP kills 1, wounds 5. Shots reported from inside MB HQ. 

@repent11: Crowds surrounding MB HQ in Mokkatam growing bigger. Smell of gunpowder spreding in neighborhood. Many trying to break gates to get it. 

21:35 - Hassan El Zinati, aviation editor at Al Ahram now telling Al Yowm TV that Brotherhood leaders left Egypt to London today with their families. 

22:00 - Minister of State for Legal Affairs and Parliamentary Councils Hatem Bagato submits resignation. 

22:30 - Three protesters have been killed in Upper Egypt’s Assiut, chief of security in the city General Abou El-Qassem Abou El-Deif has said in a press statement. The three people were part of an anti-Morsi protest of thousands which was attacked by unknown assailants as they were marching near the Freedom and Justice Party’s headquarters in the Upper Egyptian governorate. According to Ahram Arabic, one of the slain, Abanob Atef, was killed after being shot in the head by gunmen on a motorcycle. At least eight were injured in the attack, including a police officer.

23:00 - Thousands of protesters, many of them women, are gathering in front of Qubba presidential palace singing and chanting, reports Ahram Online's Ahmed Abdel-Rasoul. An anonymous source had earlier told Al-Ahram Arabic news website that President Mohamed Morsi was at Qubba presidential palace, which is around three kilometres away from Ittihadiya.

23:20 - Presidential Presser taking place. 


July 1st 

10:30 - The Muslim Brotherhood HQ is currently on fire. Photo via @AhmedKhair:


10:52 - Tahrir calm but sit-ins continue. Photo via Al Masry Al Youm. 



11:05 - Moqattam MB HQ looted and Egyptian flag raised. Photo via @Alistair_Beach:

10:30 - Egypt's Court of Cassation upholds dismissal of prosecutor general appointed by Morsi.

11:15 - Tamarod team give Morsi until 5PM on Tuesday 2nd July to step down. Threaten civil disobedience if demands not met.

11:17 - Looting continuing at MB HQ. @TheBigPharaoh reports looters giving items to bawabs and workers in the area. Photo via @AhmedKhair:

11:50 - Tamarod urge anti-Morsi protestors to avoid Moqattam and all government buildings, saying it's not worth the violence.

12:00 - View from the roof of MB HQ via @PatrickKingsley:


12:15 - Mugamma3 El Tahrir is closed today.

12:40 - Ministry of Health reports 16 dead and 700 injured in yesterday's protests. Operation Anti-Sexual Harrasment reports 46 cases of sexual harrasments, with reports of men with sticks attacking women in front of Metro station last night.

13:00 According to Tamarod, Armed Forces have confirmed numbers as seen from military helicopters yesterday as 17,600000 anti-Morsi protesters across Egypt, compared to 25,000 pro-Morsi demonstrators. 

13:20 Al-Azhar Women's Institute (between Genena Mall and Raba'a Adaweya) is filling up with armed Muslim Brotherhood members who are using it as a safe house.

13:28 Minister of Information Salah Abdel Maqsoud has cancelled all talk shows on state TV and has delegated special powers to a presidential adviser, among others, allowing them to give instructions directly to Maspero.

13:30 - Muslim Brotherhood have announced a press conference at Raba'a Adaweya today at 7:30pm.

13:57 - Four ministers are reported to have resigned: Hatem Begato (Minister of State for Legal Affairs and Parliamentary Councils), Atef Helmy (Minister of Communications), Khaled Fahmy (Minister of Environment) and Hisham Zazou (Minister of Tourism).

14:00 - The National Salvation Front has announced that they will be holding a press conference at 6pm.

14:10 - A document has surfaced after the ransacking of the MB headquarters in Moqattam that allegedly shows "gifts and grants" from Qatar to the Muslim Brotherhood, totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. Photo via @O1Diaa:

14:25 - Uniformed policemen join anti-Morsi protests in Sidi Gaber Square in Alexandria. Photo via @MagdyAlOlamy:

14:40 - 28 Muslim Brotherhood members have allegedly been arrested in Berma, Tanta, after being found to be in possession of "an arsenal of weapons" and seven empty rounds of bullets in their local headquarters.

14:57 - Reports are coming in from Minya that Muslim Brotherhood opened fire on anti-Morsi locals who threw water at their march. Two young girls are said to be injured from the retaliation.

15:45 - Sources have said that Supreme Council of Armed Forces are currently holding a meeting WITHOUT the presence of Mohamed Morsi.

15:48 @Repent11 reports that the governor of Domiayt has resigned.

16:00 - SCAF to make an announcement within the next few hours.

16:05 - Prime Minister Hisham Kandil rejects resignations of four ministers (mentioned at 14:57 below).

16:30 - SCAF speaking now, while Tamarod have their own statement at 5PM and the Presidency to speak at 9PM.

16:40 - SCAF give 48 hours for Morsi's government to recity situation. Tahrir getting more crowded:

17:07 - Tamarod spokespeople to speak shortly.

17:10 - We've translated SCAF's statement into English:

* Egypt and the whole world witnessed demonstrations and a departure for the great people of Egypt to express their opinion and will peacefully and in a civilised and unprecedented manner.

* Everyone saw the movement of the Egyptian people and heard their voice with the utmost respect and attention ... It is imperative for the people to have a response regarding the movement by each party with any degree of responsibility in these dangerous circumstances surrounding the homeland.

* The Egyptian armed forces - as a major party in the equation of the future and based on historical and national responsibility in protecting the safety and security of this nation - emphasises the following:

1.The armed forces refuses to be a party in politics or go against the democratic thoughts that emanate from the people of Egypt of their own free will.

2. The national security of the state is at risk from the developments taking place in the country, which makes it imperative for us to prevent these risks.

3. The armed forces have sensed the seriousness of the present situation and carries with it the demands of the great Egyptian people ... A week time-frame had already been set for the demands of the people to be met and with no avail, which has led to the great people of Egypt to take to the streets and voice their dissent.

4. The loss of more time will only bring more division and wrestle, which we warned about and still continue to warn about.

5. The good people of Egypt have suffered and have not found any response to their woes and trouble, and this casts a moral obligation on the armed forces to answer the demands of that people who will do anything if shown the proper amount of attention and support.

The armed forces calls for the demands of the great people of Egypt to be met, and we give all political parties 48 hours to resolve all conflicts and issue, and we will not forgive any political party that does not fulfill and meet their responsibilities.

6. The armed forces repeat the urgency of all the people's demands to be met within 48 hours, and if the demands of the people are not met within that time period, then we will be obliged to fullfil our historical duty towards our country and the great people of Egypt to map out a future plan for the country in accordance to the demands of the Egyptian people and with the contribution of all aspects of the population, especially the youth who have proven themselves time and time again, and without exclusion of any political party.

* Tribute and thanks to the great men of the armed forces who have remained loyal and faithful to their duties towards their country and its great people with all the determination and professionalism in the world.

17:30 - reports that the UAE promise Egypt a $3 billion aid package as soon as the Muslim Brotherhood is removed from power.

17:40 - Mahmoud Badr of Tamarod welcomes SCAF's statement and considers it as support for the Egyptian people and says "The historical role the army has played in Egypt's history is to support the citizens and their statement is telling Mohamed Morsi to step down." Mohamed Abdel Aziz of Tamarod says "The army is with the people and the Egyptian National Institution is also on the side of the Egyptian's peoples' demands and this should be seen as a direct warning to the president." Link.

17:42 - General Sami Annan resigns from the president's advisory council.

17:53 - On his own personal Facebook page, Essam El Arian, Vice President of the FJP says: "To the liars who are preying on the innocent with their lies: no matter how far you spread your lies, our hands are clean and we're working hard and earning our money legitimately," in response to rumours surrounding the Muslim Brotherhood's funding, ignoring SCAF's statement.

18:00 - Tamarod annouces marches for Tuesday 2nd June: Shubra at Khalafawy Square then to Abu Wafya Bridge and Sekket al-Wayli en route to the palace; Mattariya Square then to Ter’et al-Gabal Street before reaching the palace and  Nour Mosque in Abbassiya then to Roxi Square, and then from al-Tahra bridge to Qubba palace.

18:10 - Ministry of Interior announces 440,000 officers to secure anti-Morsi protests.

18:30 - Army helicopters wave Egyptian flags. Photo taken from CairoScene office:


19:10 - Reports have confirmed that 15 of Khairat El Shater's bodyguards have been arrested in a shoot-out. No reported casualties.

19:35 - Security forces discover two bombs inside the burnt down and evacuated MB headquarters, according to Al Moga (Source).

20:00 - BBC reports that Muslim Brotherhood members are seeking political asylum in the UK and Europe.

21:00 - Al-Wasat Party Headquarters currently being attacked, torched, and looted.

21:05 - Police are said to have stormed El Shater's home, while reports state that Fayoum has been taken over by the military.

21:25 - Armed Morsi supporters are said to be shooting in Arish. Meanwhile, Beltagy tells Raba'a Adaweya-based Morsi-supporters to get ready for country-wide protests.

22:00 - The Morshid (MB supreme leader) villa in Moqattam has been stormed and looted.

22:10 - The home of the Muslim Brotherhood's supreme leader (El Morshed) has been ransacked by protestors.

22:15 - Muslim Brotherhood camp says that they will delay their press conference till tomorrow.

23:00 - Muslim brotherhood leader El Beltagy tells his followers to bid farewell to their wives and children because they're going to die martyrs in the name of God -  Rab3 3adaweya TV.

23:30 - Rival Egyptian protestors exchange fire in Suez.

23:35 - Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood Morsi supporters gather outside Cairo University.


23:55 - Reports coming in that army plans to deploy around Tahrir and presidential palace to protect ani- Morsi protesters from any possible attack.

00:10 - 'Islamist Coalition for Legitimacy' calls for mass protests against any coup attempt.

00:20 - Eyewitnesses in Beni Suef say Brotherhood members opened fire on anti-Morsi march from inside Muslim Brotherhood headquarters.

01:00 - Salafist Noor Party Releases Statement in support of Early Elections.

01:55 - Egypt's Foreign Minister tenders resignation.


July 2nd

10:45 - Army announce it will broadcast videos of anti-Morsi protests filmed from helicopters, and assure they're the largest in Egypt's history.


Translation of Presidential spokesperson statement last night

"The presidency of Egypt stresses on the fact that the modern, civil and democratic republic of Egypt is one of Jan25's most prized results and Egypt will not allow a regression in the political state of the country at all costs. The people have paid a hefty price with the blood of their martyrs, their country's stability and development to build their new and reformed country, and they have chosen the democratic tools with which to move forward in building this great country.

The presidential institution had taken effective measures to initiate democratic reconciliation that the president announced in his speech commemorating the anniversary of his election and these measures work to communicate between all political parties in Egypt to lay down a clear road map to address the issues the Egyptian people have raised in the streets


It should be noted that the statement released by the armed forces has not been revised or approved by the President and the presidential institution views that some of the statements embedded in that statement hold a threatening tone which could lead to confusion in the complex political scene in Egypt


It should also be noted that the presidency will stick to their approved route of reform and democratic reconciliation that will include all political, youth and activist parties in Egypt and that will address the expectations and demands of the Egyptian people, disregarding any statements that attempt to further the divide between the Egyptian people and that may jeopardize national security

The President is still undergoing several discussions with all concerned political parties to ensure the safe and democratic momentum of the country and ensure that the will of the people is upheld"


Translation of SCAF statement made last night at 10:00PM

"In light of certain statements being spread by some media fronts about a "military coup", the armed forces would like to clarify the statement released earlier in the day:


-Ethics and Morals of the armed forces do not allow it to adopt the mentality of military coups, and the army has previously been deployed in the streets on several historic events (1977-1986-2011) and did not instigate a military coup, but only stood firmly by the side of the Egyptian people and their will and desire for change and reform.


-The previous statement was released as a means to push all political parties involved in the latest political crisis towards reconciliation and democratic agreement to the will of the Egyptian People

-We also stress on the fact that the previous statement was merely a reaction that goes hand in hand with the will of the Egyptian people, and it has been assured that the armed forces will not play any political or ruling role in the democratic future of the country, but only to serve and protect the great Egyptian people and their desire and will for a democratic country".

11:30 - Assistant prosecutor-general Hassan Yassin to take over public prosecuter position until Supreme Judicial Council makes official appointment.

11:35 - ElBaradei authorised as spokesman for Egypt's anti-Morsi 30 June Front.

11:45 - Mahalla announces civil disobedience, closes down the city council, post office and "Mogama3 El Ma7akem".

11:50 - Minisry of Health announces 45 injured over 6 Governates in yesterdays protests.

11:55 - Omar Amar, presidential spokesman has resigned.

12:00 - Prime Minister Hisham Qandil has submitted his resignation according to reports from Masr Al Youm.

12:05 - Video from view of the Helicopters on #June30 released

12:10 - Summary of Obama phone call with Morsi

1- You cannot employ your following/allies for violence

2- The demands of the people must be met

3- The US does not support any particular political group, only democracy

4- Protecting the US embassy is your (Morsi's) responsibility

12:45 - A travel ban has been issued against top Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leaders, Al Ahram reports.

13:00 - Cairo University has closed its doors today and postponed all exams.

13:35 - Kafr El Sheikh shuts down all governmental institutions while Bahira closes 15. Both governorates announce civil disobedience.

13:40 - Islamists attack three police officers and attempt to break into the Kirdasa Centre, Giza.

13:45 - As opposition groups begin to gather at Al Qubba, Morsi supporters start a large demonstration in Banha, Qalyoubia. Photo via Al Masry Al Youm:


13:50 - Cabinet spokesperson Alaa Al Hadidi has told MENA that he has resigned.

14:20 - The Egyptian Bourse grows significantly since the Army's statement last night. The Armed Forces are said to be overseeing all bank transactions in Egypt.

14:30 - 129 diplomats sign a petition against Morsi. Via Al Masry Al Youm. Link.

14:40 - Essam El Arian has been prevented from travelling from Cairo International Airport today, by the Armed Forces.

14:45 - Minister of Justice Ahmed Soliman states that the government is still operating, denying that any government officials have submitted resignations to the Presidency as was reported by Al Arabiya. He added that the situation regarding the Public Prosecutor is still being studied.

14:55 - Military source to Al Hayat TV - President Morsi is currently meeting with Minister of Defence Abdel Fattah El Sisi NOW.

15:00 - The Cabinet of Ministers signs off on a government plan to promote over 100,000 civil servants and government workers as an attempt to placate protests.

15:05 - Hazem Abu Ismail of the Salafist Al Noor Party announces a sit-in at Midan El Nahda, in front of Cairo University.

15:07 - Protestors break into MB HQ in Belbeis, Sharqiya, setting fire to the building.

15:10 - Airport sources say that 48 MB members have been banned from travelling, and have had their private jets banned from take-off.

15:12 - Pro-Morsi supporters in Midan El Nahda say they're prepared to fight the Army to protect Morsi's legitimacy, while anti-Morsi protestors in Sohag close local council, with news of the governor resigning.

15:15 - Muslim Brotherhood statement warns anti-Morsi protestors that they will be attacked by people trying to frame the Islamist group.

15:30 - First images of Morsi's meeting with El Sisi emerge:

15:40 - Initial reports from the Coroners' Office state that victims of the shootings at Moqattam MB HQ died from gunshot wounds to the head and chest.

16:10 - Mahmoud El Beltagy has been stopped from leaving at Cairo International Airport.

16:30 - Al-Azhar clerics have reportedly joined anti-Morsi protests in Tahrir.

16:45 - A bird's eye view of Tahrir now via @SherineT:

17:00 - Protestors in front of local council of Gharbiya are announcing that they plan to remove their local Ikhwan governor.

17:15 - Central Security Forces are said to be poised across Egypt, while rumours are circulating that the Army are on the street around Cairo.

17:20 - Via @PakinamAmer: "Big crowd of Morsi supporters who have separated from Tayaran St. and Raba'a Adaweya and are touring surrounding streets on foot, making some loud noises. They're shouting "Islamiya, Islamiya" and carrying signs reading, "7 more years" and posters of Morsi."

17:25 - CNN reveals that Obama has put pressure on Morsi to call early elections. Link.

17:35 - Al Masry Al Youm report that pro-Morsi protestors in Raba'a Adaweya have intercepted and army vehicle carrying soldiers. Attempts have been made to smash the vehicle's windows and attack soldiers.

17:45 - Minister of Interior: "We have removed cement blocks surrounding the ministry after the police showed support to the people."

17:55 - Reuters leaks Armed Forces' "Roadmap" for Egypt. "Egypt's armed forces would suspend the constitution and dissolve an Islamist-dominated parliament under a draft political roadmap to be pursued if Islamist President Mohamed Mursi and the liberal opposition fail to agree by Wednesday, military sources said."

Roadmap would provide for rule by interim council until constitution changed.

Roadmap envisions constitution change within months, followed by presidential election.

Roadmap would be implemented if president Morsi and opposition fail to agree.

Roadmap subject to agreement of opposition Salvation Front other forces once deadline expires.

18:10 - Al-Wasat Party statement: "We respect the people's decision to protest, however, we have our reservations regarding the Army's intervation in Egyptian politics."

18:15 - American Administration is said to be urging Mohamed Morsi to step down.

18:20 - Essam El Arian: "Parliamentary elections will solve the political crisis."

18:30 - Protest for women avoiding Tahrir to be held at Saad Zaghloul Square starts at 7.30pm.

18:35 - Al Qahera Al Youm TV channel reports that their sources says negotiations underway to take Morsi out of the country.

18:40 - Clashes between pro and anti-Morsi protestors are reportedly underway in Agami, Alexandria.

18:46 - #30June spokesperson: "We refuse the safe departure of Morsi and his followers from the country."

18:50 - Largescale gun-fight between pro-Morsi and anti-Morsi protestors said to be currently taking place in KitKat Square. Photo via @JonathanRashad:

19:24 - Pro-Morsi march is said to be currently underway at the Constitutional Court in Maadi. They are being faced by an anti-Morsi March coming from Old Cairo.

19:26 - Clashes have broken out at Giza pro-Morsi march.

19:30 - Alwasti in Beni Souef announce civil disobedience until Morsi's regime is overthrown.

19:30 Al-Arabiya report that El Sisi has asked Morsi to step down to save lives.

20:20 - Egypt Telecom says 2.3 million Egyptians made 12 million mobile phone calls from Tahrir yesterday.

20:30 - Clashes between pro and anti-Morsi groups in the Kit Kat district of Giza have killed two, according to Ahram Arabic. The two people were killed by "live fire" which also injured another 13 people.

21:20 - Thugs attack businessman Mohammed Al Ameen's house, owner of CBC TV and Al Watan newspaper. He was one of the individuals named in Morsi's last speech.

21:35 - Middle Eastern Correspondent at Wall Street Journal Matt Bradley reports that Ministry of Health says there have been 4 deaths at Cairo University clashes in Giza. Many wounded.

21:40 - The Armed Forces and Presidential office to release a joint statement within the coming hours.

21:55 - 4 dead in KitKat and Ben El Sarayat and at least 55 injured in clashes between pro and anti Morsi protestors via OnTV.

22:05 - Protesters draw the word "erhal" (leave) with lasers on a the Mogamma building in Tahrir square.

22:50 - Morsi sends out Tweet calling on army to withdraw ultimatum.

23:30 - State TV says Morsi will address the nation live 'soon'.

23:40 -"No force on earth will impose its power on me." Morsi speech live on TV now.


July 3rd:

00:50 - Military announces that Moris' 48 hour ultimatum ends at 4.30 pm Wednesday.

00: 55 - UK government warns citizens against all travel to Egypt (except South Sinai and Red Sea). Says those already in country should stay.

09:55 - Ministy of Health reports 16 deaths reported in yesterday's Giza clashes, 33 in total since June 30 protests started.

10:22 - Tamarod campaigners call on Egyptians to march at Preseidential Guard at 4PM, anticipating the military deadline.

10:48 - Hardline Islamists, Al Gama'a Al Islameya, have called on Morsi to announce early elections.

11:08 - Army tanks have said to have been spotted across Cairo.

11:17 - Tamarod announce their own roadmap for transitional period after Morsi's departure. English below:

Tamarod's roadmap for transitional period:

To name a temporary president and prime minister.

To elect a constitutional council within 30 days. Results within 7 days.

A new constitution to be drafted within 90 days.

A referendum on the new constitution within 15 days of its writing. 7 days of voting,

Presidential elections 60 days after the constitution is agreed upon. Results within 7 days.

Whole process should take 231 days.

11:25 - Banks are closing at 1pm across Egypt.

11:35 - The American University in Cairo says international students have until July 9th to use their "evacuation insurance".

12:07 - A military source says that the Egyptian Military is holding a crisis meeting right now, according to AFP and Al Arabiya.

12:45 - Turkish Ambassador and embassy staff have left Cairo.

12:47 - Coalition of pro-Morsi Islamist parties are to hold a press conference at 3.30PM just one hour before the military's deadline.

12:50 - Tamarod press conference currently live.

13:15 - Tamarod spox: We call on MB youth to stop bloodshed.

13:21 - Tamarod say a military source has said that Egypt's borders with Libya, Sudan and Gaza have been closed and manned by army troops. Meanwhile, National Salvation Front source tells AMAY that opposition leader Mohamed El Baradei is meeting with army generals now.

13:30 - Supreme Council of Armed forces said to be making a statement at 4:30pm.

13:40 - Reports that bodyguards of Supreme Guide of Muslim Brotherhood (El Morshed) have been arrested are coming in from New Cairo.

13:45 - Popular satirist Bassem Youssef's Twitter rant:

Morsi should be put to trial for the same mistakes as Mubarak he is responsible for blood in the streets. 

MB spox tweeting in English trying to skew the truth abroad. We can tweet in English too telling the world what kind of [sic] liers you are.

I came on  last year and supported the MB to get their chance. It's clear they have abused their powers and divided the country.

The MB has carefully selected people residing in DC for the sole purpose of putting lipstick on a deceiving oppressive regime.

13:48 - State TV: Ministry of Interior to issue statement shortly.

13:50 - Tahrir now (Photo via @TahrirCN):

14:15  - Sky News Arabia reports that State TV and radio at Maspero now fully controlled by the Armed forces.

14:24 - Ministry of Interior statement (English translation below):

To the great people of Egypt, the land of the most ancient civilisation which taught the whole world the meaning of freedom.

It is in this critical time that we'd like to assure you our determination, as police officers, to stand with you and protect you. We assure you that we'll stand by our national duty to provide peace and security to the Egyptian people and to continue to perform all security the tasks assigned to us to protect the people of this beloved nation. We will face any acts of violence, no matter what the challenges are or the sacrifices we have to make, side by side with the armed forces.
May God save Egypt and its people.

15:12 - Tamarod's first martyr - a statement released by the group says that campaigner Amr AbdelHameed was killed in Ben El Sarayat clashes.

15:37 - State TV announces that governor of Giza has resigned. Meanwhile, anti-Morsi demonstrations at the Presidential Palace and Tahrir grow in anticipation of Army deadline to Morsi. Photos via @Egyptocracy and @DerekStoffelCBC, respectively:


15:55 - Policemen give out juice to anti-Morsi protestors in Tahrir. Photo via @HaleemElSharani:


15:57 - Ministry of Defence due to issue a statement shortly, regarding the meeting between opposition leaders and Army personnel. 

16:15 - As General Command of Armed Forces prepare to make a statement on their meeting with Morsi's opposition, news has emerged that Saad El Katatny - FJP party head - has refused El-Sisi's invitation to attend the negotiations.

16:25 - Jubilant vibe at Presidential Guard as protestors anticipate announcement by SCAF. Photo via @Sandmonkey:


16:35 - Reports are coming in that Secretary General Safwat Abdul Halim has resigned.

16:50 - Maspero is said to have recieved Armed Forces statement and it will be aired at 5pm local time.

16:55 - Human sheild formed in Tahrir to protect women from sexual harrasment. Great photos via Buzzfeed.

17:09 - Tahrir now. Photo via @Laurenwithvoice:

17:20 - Al Hayat TV reports that Morsi is under house arrest.

17:30 - 93 diplomats on strike until removal of Morsi. Link.

17:40 - Office of Assistant to President of Egypt on Foreign Relations releases statement, warning against military coup d'etat and that Morsi-supporters are protecting democracy. Link.

17:43 - Security officials: El Gazzar, Saleh, Abdel Maged, El Omda, Beltagy, Hegazy, Morsi, Badie and Shater banned from travelling among 270 names.

17:47 - Al Arabiya reports that NSF source has said that Army will strip Morsi's legitimacy.

17:51 - Essam El Arian and Essam Sultan names were found on register for flight 506 on Royal Jordanian Airline's Cairo - Amman route.

17:58 - Army vehicles seen in Nasr City, close to CityStars. Phot via @YosraElLozy:


18:16 - Army vehicles seen on AlTayaran Street (close to Raba'a Adaweya pro-Morsi marches) and have left Dahshour base to head to Giza.

18:17 - Supreme Guide (El Morshed) of Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Badie reportedly under house arrest in Marsa Matrouh.

18:27 - Photo taken from CairoScene office shows military troops crossing Al Gama'a Bridge into Al Nahda Square, Giza.

18:50 - Al Ahram reiterates Al Hayat TV's earlier statement that Morsi is no longer part of the decision making process.

19:07 - Police and Army have reached Tahrir and Raba'a Adaweya, as well as Midan El Nahda, securing two bridges over Cairo in the process.

19:08 - State TV announces on ban on Egyptian's leaving on charter flights so as no wanted party can escape.

19:22 - Photos from Tahrir just before dusk by CairoScene's Eihab Boraie:


19:26 - US State Department spokesperson is said to have made following statements: the Egyptian people deserve a safe life; there were no serious steps in Morsi's speech.

20:00 - Sheikh Al Azhar, ElBaradei & Coptic Pope to announce "roadmap" soon. (via State TV & Reuters).

20:15 - Gehad El Haddad announces that National Coalition for Legitimacy will hold press conference for International Media at 10PM at Rabaa sit-in, along with question and answer session.

20:50 - BBC Arabic: Army informs Morsi that he is no longer the President of Egypt.

21:00 -  General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi - Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces - makes statement on national TV. Hands power to the head of Supreme Constitutional Court. A transitional government will be formed while a new constitution is created and then early Presidential elections will be called once this is complete. Members present for the speech included Mohamed El Baradei, Sheikh Al Azhar and the Coptic Pope.

21:15 - Following Al-Sisi's statement, El Baradei takes to the podium to speak.

21:20 - Islamist channels Al Hafez, Al Nas & Misr 25 stop broadcasting after El-Sisi's address.


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