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One year after launching with their own brand of dynamic journalism, Mada Masr are celebrating their first year with MadaONE, promising food, a bazaar, and a great lineup of some of the best local music acts.

About a year ago, around the time Morsi’s reign began its death rattle, a group of determined journalist brimming with integrity and editorial chutzpah, broke from Egypt Independent and started the online news site Mada Masr, covering everything from politics, economy, environment, culture and lifestyle.

In that sense they’re a lot like us at CairoScene, except they use the word ‘shit’ about 99% less, almost never fabricate stories about strip clubs in Zamalek and if they were ever to publish a top ten list it would probably titled “Top Ten Insights Into the Electorial Committee's Use of Subliminal Presidential Paraphernalia to Indoctorine a Paradigm Shift in the Ballot."

However, much like CairoScene, we’re sure that occasionally the peeps over at Mada Masr like to let loose a little, and they’ll be doing just that in style on summer solstice, June 21st as they celebrate one year of existence with MadaONE at Swiss Club’s open air garden. As for the entertainment on the day, the longest day of the year, you can expect a ten hour lecture on the renovation of Cairo’s oldest clothespin craftwork factory, a contemporary conceptual performance by the seldom heard of Lower Institute of Ballet and as the sun goes down things really start to get kicking with a sacred geometry demonstration.

Alright, we’re kidding, when it comes to music and entertainment they know their shit. It’s a pretty epic lineup, kicking off with the stellar experimental beats and powerful Arabic vocals of rising star Nada El Shazly, followed by some good vibes from Egypt’s most prominent Reggae outfit Meshwar. Like Jelly will take hold of the proceedings next making you laugh, dance, and shout along to their popular sketch music and finally Islam Chipsy is on call to round off the night with his scatter-shot shaa3bi madness.

Food and drink will be available for purchase inside and there’ll be a mini-bazaar known as the Mada Shop where you can purchase creative designs and illustrations by local cartoonists. The “Mada Membership Program” will also be introduced.

For live updates before and during the event, follow #MadaONE. The event kicks off at 7:30PM and tickets are available for purchase at the door for 100 LE.