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#SupremeMom, Supreme Freebies

Win free coffee and dessert for you and the most important woman in your life this Mother's Day at Cafe Supreme, just by tagging an Instagram photo of the two of you!

We're suckers for free food, whatever it takes to obtain said food, we'll do. Jump on one foot for two minutes? Sure. Name our firstborn Rumpelstiltskin? No problem. "RUMPLE, COME DOWN FOR DINNER! IT'S FREE!" Luckily, Café Supreme is asking us to do none of the above to win some free goodies for Mother's Day. All you have to do is tag a picture of you and your mommy on Instagram, mention @cafesupremeeg and use the hashtag #SupremeMom and you automatically get free coffee and dessert for both of you on Mother's Day. And this is for EVERYONE who does this, so it's not like you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to win, you just have to take a photo and tag it - which you should be doing anyway in honour of Mother's Day. And their desserts look pretty effing amazing – see for yourself below. You have until Tuesday 18th at 6pm to do this, so we suggest you get Instagramming!

 Check out Café Supreme's facebook page here