Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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One of our favourite little hideaways in the bustling Zamalek, Trio is offering foodies, connoisseurs, gastronomes and gourmands the offer of a lifetime this week.

Staff Writer

They are willing to give away an entire meal’s worth (for 2, that is!) of their delectable dishes to the “best, creative, funniest” #TrioTime out there.

Those of you familiar with the restaurant will be well aware of their iconic #TrioTime bits. Just think of times during your day when all you want to do is get away and indulge yourself in a nice relaxing meal. And don’t hold back on the wackiness. Here, they’ve even provided some examples:

My husband is making me wear a galabeya around the house #TrioTime

Can’t get access to porn thanks to Morsi #TrioTime

You come home from work, nothing left in the fridge but two year old basterma #TrioTime

All you have to do is send one of these #TrioTimes as a message through Facebook or by e-mail to They will upload them to their Facebook album #TrioTime, and the entry with the most ‘Likes’ wins. Simple as that! Before you know it, you could be feasting on some succulent ginger-sesame chicken wings, a juicy So-Cal style burger, or even their trademark BFC! All on their dime. And – insider tip – don’t miss out on their mango smoothie.

Enticed? We are! Here, we’ll get the ball rolling:

When writing a blog makes you cover your keyboard in drool… #TrioTime

Join in the fun and head to the Trio Facebook fan page here and follow them on @TrioEatery