Saturday April 20th, 2024
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In a world where 'Egypt' has become a dirty word, we're hoping to point the spotlight firmly back on our country's beauty and we need your help...

Staff Writer


Egypt. No other country, spoken out loud, evokes the same mysticism and timeless appeal for both its inhabitants and its would-be explorers. Egypt’s been attracting travelers for centuries, magnetised to the pull of the Earth’s throat chakra; the birth place of civilisation and the best koshari in the world. From its sprawling beaches hugging the Mediterranean and Red Seas to the historic pyramids, the monuments of Luxor and the deserts and mountains of Sinai, Egypt has undoubtedly one of the most diverse and stunning landscapes in the world.

Unfortunately, the images broadcast across the world are not of our country’s intrinsic, unmistakable beauty, but of its unwanted political carnage and chaos on the streets. As such, tourism numbers have fallen gravely since both the revolution and the Muslim Brotherhood took over the headlines, signaling the beginning of a drastic crash in our economy, and, in turn our image.

We here at CairoScene would like to do our part to shine a light on the Egypt the world has known and loved for centuries. Amidst all the noise, we hope our little voice may be heard and we are reaching out to those who want to do the same. We want to initiate the hashtag  #ThisIsSparta – No, wait, sorry, we mean #ThisIsEgypt – to showcase all the beauty this country has to offer. So whenever you Tweet a picture of your road trip, Facebook a group shot from lunch on the nile, Instagram your feet in Sahel or Vine a night out, make sure you use the hashtag #ThisIsEgypt and help us on our mission of portraying Egypt in the right light.

You don't need to be a photographer to capture Egypt's wonder - it's all around us and you've probably been taking photos of it anyway. From hidden downtown cafés to sprawling white sands, there's something amazing around every corner. We'll be reaching out to the world's media, travel publications, influential bloggers and travel agencies to spread the word that This is Egypt, now and forever.